The Big Clock

The Big Clock (Cert PG) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Academy) Running Time: 96 minutes approx. Imagine being so good at your job that your employer entrusts only the biggest projects to you until you are unwittingly given one that is going to incriminate you in a crime you didn’t commit. Sound confusing? George Stroud … Continue reading The Big Clock

Gauguin (Gauguin – Voyage de Tahiti)

Gauguin (Gauguin - Voyage de Tahiti) France (2017) Dir. Edouard Deluc Paul Gauguin is a polarising figure in the history of art - retrospectively revered for his paintings and developing the style of Synthetism but loathed for his immoral lifestyle. As the original French title of this film suggests, the stage of his life being … Continue reading Gauguin (Gauguin – Voyage de Tahiti)

Brotherhood Of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield (Xiu chun dao II: xiu luo zhan chang)

Brotherhood Of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield (Xiu chun dao II: xiu luo zhan chang) China (2017) Dir. Lu Yang It seems Alan Mak and Andrew Lau have set a precedent when it comes to sequels, since having the follow-up to a successful film be a prequel in Chinese/Hong Kong cinema is now a recurring … Continue reading Brotherhood Of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield (Xiu chun dao II: xiu luo zhan chang)

The Treacherous (Gansin)

The Treacherous (Gansin) Korea (2015) Dir. Min Kyu-dong We may moan about the deluded megalomaniacs in positions of power that are blighting our daily lives with their despotic solipsism, class war baiting and Twitter based idiocy but if history has taught us anything, we should be lucky modern rulers aren’t nearly as dangerous as the … Continue reading The Treacherous (Gansin)

Miss Hokusai

Miss Hokusai (Cert 12) 1 Disc (Distributor: All The Anime) Running time: 90 minutes approx. Bio-pics in anime a rather rare, although many historical figures have featured in films and TV shows, usually in tales suffused with fantasy elements or heavy on dramatic licence. Miss Hokusai is a little of both as it documents a … Continue reading Miss Hokusai

The Rebel

The Rebel UK (1961) Dir. Robert Day Any Millennials reading will find it hard to believe that back in the 1950’s and early 1960’s a six-note tuba riff would signal the country coming to a standstill as the nation crowded around their radios and later their TV sets. Why? Because  that meant it was time … Continue reading The Rebel

Hour Of The Wolf (Vargtimmen)

Hour Of The Wolf (Vargtimmen) Sweden (1968) Dir. Ingmar Bergman By the end of the 60’s the Swedish master of existentialist melancholy Ingmar Bergman, in keeping with the psychedelic culture of the period, had begun to get darker and experimental with his films, exploring the insecurities that plague artists via intricate surreal tales. Coming after … Continue reading Hour Of The Wolf (Vargtimmen)

Scarlet Street

Scarlet Street US (1945) Dir. Fritz Lang There say there is no fool like an old fool, especially when there is a younger woman involved and quite often, that is true. But sometimes even an old fool can get lucky and end up having the last laugh. Of course, it has to come at a … Continue reading Scarlet Street


Hana-Bi (Cert 18) 1 Disc (Distributor: Third Window Films) Running Time: 103 minutes approx. It is remarkable for us on this side of the world to comprehend how Takeshi Kitano was not regarded as a credible filmmaker in his native Japan until Hana-Bi won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film festival. Until then … Continue reading Hana-Bi

Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner (Cert 12) 1 Disc (Distributor: Entertainment One) Running Time: 150 minutes approx. Mike Leigh is something of a national treasure here in the UK for his hugely prolific canon of quirky, witty, heartbreaking but honest kitchen sink dramas, from the seminal satire of his TV play Abigail’s Party to the emotionally challenging Secrets … Continue reading Mr. Turner