Movie Review – The Lost Prince (Le prince oublié)

The Lost Prince (Le prince oublié) France/Belgium (2020) Dir. Michel Hazanavicius Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world emotionally, from playing the bad guy when children play up to fretting over their welfare when they are out of sight. One of the hardest things for some is accepting their little … Continue reading Movie Review – The Lost Prince (Le prince oublié)

The Wolf’s Call

The Wolf’s Call (Cert 15) 1 Disc DVD/Digital (Distributor: Altitude Films) Running Time: 116 minutes approx. “Orders is orders!” Not just the title of a 1930’s British comedy film but also a doctrine adhered to by the military. However, there are times when an absolute order is maybe ill advised or suddenly invalid and without … Continue reading The Wolf’s Call


Chocolat France (2016) Dir. Roschdy Zem No, not the Juliette Binoche/Johnny Depp rom-com but a bio-pic about the first celebrated black performer in French history, Rafael Padilla aka Chocolat. From young Cuban born immigrant to Parisian comedy sensation, his overlooked story is now shared with modern audiences via this tribute from actor-turned-director Roschdy Zem. In … Continue reading Chocolat


Samba France (2014) Dirs. Olivier Nakache & Eric Toledano Immigration is a tricky subject to make a rom-com out of and the directors of the international crowd pleaser Untouchable don’t exactly deliver much of one, but they do present a thoughtful and conscientious yarn about finding love when the political system is against you. Senegalese … Continue reading Samba

Mood Indigo (L’écume des jours)

Mood Indigo (L'écume des jours) France (2013) Dir. Michel Gondry Sometimes one sees a film, painting or another piece of art with a surreal bent to it and the first thought is “What was going through their mind when they came up with that?” Sometimes it is best not to ask - watching the films … Continue reading Mood Indigo (L’écume des jours)


Untouchable (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Entertainment in Video) Running Time: 112 minutes approx. Paraplegic multi-millionaire Philippe (François Cluzet) and his secretary Margalie (Audrey Fleurot) are interviewing for the role of live in carer for Philippe. One particularly impatient potential candidate, Driss (Omar Sy), refuses to wait any longer and storms into the interview room, … Continue reading Untouchable