Hold Your Breath (Dans la brume)

Hold Your Breath (Dans la brume) France/Canada (2018) Dir. Daniel Roby Parents are forever in the bad books with their children for making decisions directly affecting them which they believe are in the child’s best interest but are rarely are seen that way. Of course, it is seldom appreciated or understood until the child gets … Continue reading Hold Your Breath (Dans la brume)

15 Minutes Of War (L’intervention)

15 Minutes Of War (L'intervention) France/Belgium (2019) Dir. Fred Grivois Contrary to what each generation may think, terrorism is not a new concept although it has admittedly been on the rise over the past two decades through disputes involving the Middle East. 15 Minutes Of War is based on true events of a 1976 hostage … Continue reading 15 Minutes Of War (L’intervention)

The Death Of Stalin

The Death Of Stalin UK (2017) Dir. Armando Iannucci Satire is a hard thing to get right and make accessible for people who may not realise they are watching a cynical lampooning of a serious subject. Armando Iannucci has been doing it long enough now, with a slew of classic titles to his credit - … Continue reading The Death Of Stalin