House Of The Disappeared (Si-gan-wi-ui jib)

House Of The Disappeared (Si-gan-wi-ui jib) Korea (2017) Dir. Lim Dae-woong This psychological horror/thriller from Korea is in fact a remake of a 2013 Venezuelan film La Casa Del Fin De Los Tiempos (The House At The End Of Time), a rare case of Asian cinema remaking another country’s film and not vice versa, although … Continue reading House Of The Disappeared (Si-gan-wi-ui jib)


Uzumasu Limelight

Uzumasu Limelight (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Third Window Films) Running Time: 104 minutes approx. Time. It catches up with us all eventually and when it does we are forced to face our own mortality and accept our halcyon days are over. In show business this can mean much more, as modernity replaces tradition and … Continue reading Uzumasu Limelight

Greatful Dead

Greatful Dead (Cert 18) 1 Disc (Distributor: Third Window Films) Running Time: 98 minutes approx. You have to hand it to the Japanese - only they can delight us with a quirky tale boasting a serious social message behind it then turn it into a brutal and unabashed bloodfest! Nami (Kumi Takiuchi) is a lonely … Continue reading Greatful Dead

Miss Granny (Su-sang-han geu-nyeo)

Miss Granny (Su-sang-han geu-nyeo) Korea (2014) Dir. Hwang Dong-hyu Nobody likes getting old and there are many who try to stave off the aging process with plastic surgery the like. But what if you became young again without any surgical assistance and had a second chance at living your dreams? Oh Mal-sun (Na Moon-hee) is … Continue reading Miss Granny (Su-sang-han geu-nyeo)

Robot & Frank

Robot & Frank USA (2012) Dir. Jake Schreier In a near future where technology has become even more of an intrinsic part of life, retired cat burglar Frank Weld (Frank Langella) lives alone with the slow onset of dementia a present threat. His children Madison (Liv Tyler) and Hunter (James Marsden) are busy with their … Continue reading Robot & Frank

The Whales Of August

The Whales Of August USA (1987) Dir. Lindsey Anderson In a small cliff top house by the shores of Maine live two elderly sisters Sarah (Lillian Gish) and Libby (Bette Davis). The elder Sarah looks after he younger sibling whose eyesight is waning, as is her lust for life. When an old Russian aristocrat Mr. … Continue reading The Whales Of August