Tunnel (Teo-neol)

Tunnel (Teo-neol) Korea (2016) Dir. Kim Sung-Hoon I’m sure I’m not the only one who, as a child, when driving through a tunnel would have feelings of apprehension of how safe it was and wonder if the ceiling would collapse on us before we made through to the other side. A few films exist that … Continue reading Tunnel (Teo-neol)

Veteran (Beterang)

Veteran (Beterang) Korea (2015) Dir. Ryoo Seung-Wan Who would want to be on the police force in Korea? Not only do you often end up beaten within an inch of your life on a regular basis but also your superiors try to thwart your every move while well-connected criminals are able to bribe and manipulate … Continue reading Veteran (Beterang)

Assassination (Amsal)

Assassination (Amsal) Korea (2015) Dir. Choi Dong-hoon Having broken Korean box offices records in 2012 with the ensemble heist caper The Thieves, director Choi Dong-hoon reunites with many key members of the cast for this 1930’s set epic, in the hope that lightning will strike twice. In 1911 as Japan was establishing its colonial rule … Continue reading Assassination (Amsal)

Ode To My Father (Gukjesijang)

Ode To My Father (Gukjesijang) Korea (2014) Dir. Yoon Je-Kyun The second highest grossing film in Korean cinema history is a multi-decade, country-hopping tale of loyalty, patriotism and heartbreak on an epic scale which will make some Hollywood heavy hitters envious of his grand vision. The central character is Yoon Deok-Soo (Hwang Jung-Min) an elderly … Continue reading Ode To My Father (Gukjesijang)

Slow Video (Seullou Bidio)

Slow Video (Seullou Bidio) Korea (2014) Dir. Kim Young-tak Trust the Koreans to take a curious medical condition that could have been applied to a sci-fi action flick and use it to facilitate a romantic comedy. Or maybe we should applaud them for not going down such an obvious route? Slow Video tells the tale … Continue reading Slow Video (Seullou Bidio)

The Attorney (Byeon-ho-in)

The Attorney (Byeon-ho-in) Korea (2013) Dir. Yang Woo-seok We’ve all seen those American films were the kid least likely proclaims to his class to much merriment and derision that he wants to be the President when he grows up. In South Korea a man of humble beginnings did indeed do just that having made his … Continue reading The Attorney (Byeon-ho-in)

Foxy Festival (Peseutibal)

Foxy Festival (Peseutibal) Korea (2010) Dir. Lee Hae-yeong  This ribald portmanteau comedy from Korea features the residents of a small community all of whom have some kind of sexual hang-up or inhibition they either discover or keep secret from everyone. Macho cop Kwak Jang-bae (Shin Ha-kyun) believes himself to be a real stud but his … Continue reading Foxy Festival (Peseutibal)

Miracle in Cell No.7 (7beonbangui Seonmul)

Miracle in Cell No.7 (7beonbangui Seonmul) Korea (2013) Dir. Lee Hwan-Kyung In 1997, Choi Ji-Young, the daughter of a Police Commissioner Choi (Jo Deok-Hyeon) dies in a freak accident, a mentally handicapped father Yong-Goo (Ryoo Seung-Ryong), who was with the girl, is arrested sentenced on a trumped up charge of alleged murder and rape. Yong-Goo … Continue reading Miracle in Cell No.7 (7beonbangui Seonmul)

The Traffickers (Gong-mo-ja-deul)

The Traffickers (Gong-mo-ja-deul) Korea (2012) Dir. Hong-seon Kim After his best friend is killed during a failed mission, black market organ trafficker Young-gyu (Im Chang-jung) decides to put this life behind him. But a girl he is sweet on, Yu-ri (Jo Yoon-hee), is in desperate need for money to pay for her father’s surgery so … Continue reading The Traffickers (Gong-mo-ja-deul)