Innocent Thing (Gashi)

Innocent Thing (Gashi) Korea (2014) Dir. Kim Tae-gyun With the recent spate of Korean films dealing with high school bullying, it is something of a refreshing change to watch one that covers a different subject matter. Unfortunately the subject matter of Innocent Thing isn’t exactly original either, but it is an earnest attempt at putting … Continue reading Innocent Thing (Gashi)

An Ethics Lesson (Bun-no-ui Yun-ni-hak)

An Ethics Lesson (Bun-no-ui Yun-ni-hak) Korean (2013) Dir. Park Myung-rang It is not until very late into the final act of this debut offering from writer-director Park Myung-rang that the original Korean title Ethics Of Fury makes some sense as the poor attitudes of the main cast come to light. The altered English title however … Continue reading An Ethics Lesson (Bun-no-ui Yun-ni-hak)

Blue Gate Crossing (Lan se da men)

Blue Gate Crossing (Lan se da men) Taiwan (2002) Dir. Yee Chih-yen  Meng Kerou (Gwei Lun-mei) tries to help her best friend, shy Lin Yuezhen (Shu-Hui Liang) to get the attention of a boy, Zhang Shihao (Bo-Lin Chen), with whom she has an obsession. However the plan backfires when Lin flees from the various attempts … Continue reading Blue Gate Crossing (Lan se da men)