The Mark Of Zorro

The Mark Of Zorro US (1920) Dir. Fred Niblo Some aspects of being a vigilante will never change - namely hiding behind a mask and alter ego. Nowadays it is far easier to pull this off as modern vigilantes do their work via computer thus have no need to show their faces, but in days … Continue reading The Mark Of Zorro


Okko’s Inn

Okko’s Inn (Cert PG) 2 Discs (Distributor: Manga Entertainment) Running time: 95 minutes approx. Release Date: October 7th Helping others to help yourself is a proven therapeutic way to assist you in getting over your problems though it may not be so obvious at the time. But people handle their grief differently and whether they … Continue reading Okko’s Inn

Woman At War (Kona fer í stríð)

Woman At War (Kona fer í stríð) Iceland (2018) Dir. Benedikt Erlingsson Greta Thunberg is arguably the most famous teenager on the planet at the moment due to her climate change protests. Whether you agree with her or not, Greta lives by the courage of her convictions which is admirable in someone so young, or … Continue reading Woman At War (Kona fer í stríð)

3 Faces (Se rokh)

3 Faces (Se rokh) Iran (2018) Dir. Jafar Panahi People talk about the wonders of the world, like the Great Pyramid of Giza or Temple of Artemis but surely, there should be consideration for the fact that despite receiving a 20-year ban from filmmaking and being put under house arrest by the Iranian government, Jafar … Continue reading 3 Faces (Se rokh)

No Mercy (Eonni)

No Mercy (Eonni) Korea (2019) Dir. Im Kyung-Taek If there is one thing Korean cinema is good at it is the violent revenge thriller, though they have been a bit heavy on the testosterone. Aside from 2005’s Princess Aurora, women weren’t given much chance to fight back, until The Villainess kicked the doors open in … Continue reading No Mercy (Eonni)

Hana And Alice (Hana to Arisu)

Hana And Alice (Hana to Arisu) Japan (2004) Dir. Shunji Iwai Best friends are hard to come by (I know as I’ve never had one) so why is it something universally inevitable as love always seems to rock even the sturdiest of relationships? This is mostly a problem among teenagers who have grown up together … Continue reading Hana And Alice (Hana to Arisu)

The Workshop (L’atelier)

The Workshop (L'atelier) France (2017) Dir. Laurent Cantet Why do people write fictional novels? For entertainment? To make a point about a thorny issue? To express an opinion? Or to create art? The basis of any fictional novel has to be the story but being the narrator, one has to follow certain rules otherwise their … Continue reading The Workshop (L’atelier)