L’Amant Double

L'Amant Double France/Belgium (2017) Dir. François Ozon When a director’s reputation precedes them by a vast distance, reading the summary of their latest film fills you with either a cold dread or perverse excitement. And when that director is maverick auteur François Ozon and one early shot is an extreme close up of lady parts … Continue reading L’Amant Double

The Mimic (Jang-san-beom)

The Mimic (Jang-san-beom) Korea (2017) Dir. Huh Jung “Monkey see, Monkey do” is the commonly used expression when children copy or repeat something they’ve seen or heard which they really shouldn’t have. Quite often, this is harmless enough and they can be weaned off from reoffending, but what if this aping becomes uncomfortable to the … Continue reading The Mimic (Jang-san-beom)