Frank UK (2014) Dir. Lenny Abrahamson Is there a fine line between madness and genius? Is creativity a curse or a blessing? Is being different a good thing or a bad thing? And what price fame? I doubt there is a definitive answer but some food for thought on the matter, allow me to introduce … Continue reading Frank


Hunger UK (2008) Dir. Steve McQueen The debut feature film from the man who dominated the awards this year with the mighty 12 Years A Slave is an equally uncompromising dramatisation based on the hunger strike of the IRA prisoners  in the Maze Prison In Northern Ireland in 1981. Unlike 12 Years… this is a … Continue reading Hunger

12 Years A Slave

  12 Years A Slave (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Entertainment One UK) Running Time: 134 mins. approx. One of the most highly praised films of recent times that has dominated the awards circuit should be easy to review since the only course of action is to praise it to the moon, right? The truth is … Continue reading 12 Years A Slave


  Shame UK (2012) Dir. Steve McQueen Successful and single 30-something executive Brandon (Michael Fassbender) has it all yet seems to avoid it to his colleagues. But in his private life Brandon has a voracious and often depraved sex addiction which he stimulates and indulges with one night stands, pornography and other means. All this … Continue reading Shame