The Crowd

The Crowd US (1928) Dir. King Vidor Everyone wants to stand out but whether we like or not, even an everyday convention like getting a job or being married makes us part of the crowd. Not that this should stop us from being different but aspiration and achievement are two separate things. John Sims was … Continue reading The Crowd

Guys And Dolls

Guys And Dolls US (1955) Dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz In the 1930’s it was “Garbo Talks!”; it the 1950’s it was “Brando Sings!” Well, not quite but it did make some wonder if the hottest box office star of the period known for his brooding, naturalistic anti-hero roles in films such as On The Waterfront … Continue reading Guys And Dolls

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel US (1932) Dir. Edmund Goulding Of all the famous films I have only recently seen for the first time Grand Hotel serves as a double inaugural experience being the first time I’ve ever viewed the legendary Greta Garbo in action! But Garbo was not alone in this Oscar winning film, as producer Irving … Continue reading Grand Hotel