Jalouse (Jealous)

Jalouse (Jealous) France (2017) Dir. David & Stéphane Foenkinos Jealousy is a terrible thing but resides within us whether we like to admit it or not. Some may claim they don’t ever feel jealous and maybe it is hidden deeper for them but it will surface at least once in our lives. If this latest … Continue reading Jalouse (Jealous)

I Got Life! (Aurore)

I Got Life! (Aurore) France (2017) Dir. Blandine Lenoir Life, as the saying goes, begins at 40. Apparently for women however, this milestone anniversary gives them just ten more years as a fully active and useful member of society before the big 5-0 arrives, marking the beginning of the end as the menopause comes knocking … Continue reading I Got Life! (Aurore)

Exit (Hui guang zoumingqu)

Exit (Hui guang zoumingqu) Taiwan (2014) Dir. Chienn Hsiang In the wake of the film industry in Mainland China opening its doors to wider avenues, there has been concern of a decline in the output of Taiwanese cinema, but with the current success of Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s The Assassin and Exit, the directorial debut from renowned … Continue reading Exit (Hui guang zoumingqu)