Café Funiculi Funicula aka Before The Coffee Gets Cold (Kohi ga Samenai Uchi Ni)

Café Funiculi Funicula aka Before The Coffee Gets Cold (Kohi ga Samenai Uchi Ni) Japan (2018) Dir. Ayuko Tsukahara If you could go back in time to a specific point in your life, even with the understanding that it can’t change the future, what date would you choose and what would you want to achieve … Continue reading Café Funiculi Funicula aka Before The Coffee Gets Cold (Kohi ga Samenai Uchi Ni)


Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel (Cert 12A) US (2019) Dirs. Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck I’m showing my age here but until the announcement of this film, Captain Marvel to me was a male superhero in a red and white outfit and lightning bolt on his chest, the alter ego of schoolboy Billy Batson, transforming upon saying “Shazam!”. … Continue reading Captain Marvel

Radiance (Hikari)

Radiance (Hikari) Japan (2017) Dir. Naomi Kawase Is it possible to have a connection with something you can’t see? Sure, that might describe religion in a nutshell but I’m referring to something we know is actually there but we are unable to see it through impairment. Similarly, there is a tacit psychological application to this, … Continue reading Radiance (Hikari)

A House Of Happiness

A House Of Happiness Malaysia (2018) Dir. Jy Teng  We are all forgetful from time to time; we even manage to block out things we’d rather not remember, but losing all of our memories would be too hard to take. So spare a thought for those who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s, with no control … Continue reading A House Of Happiness


Coco US (2017) Dirs. Lee Unkrich & Adrian Molina Every year at the Oscars it is inevitable that either a Pixar or Disney film is going to win Best Animated Film regardless of whether it deserves it or not. In lieu of egregiously overlooking anime and other foreign language animated films, the 2018 winner Coco … Continue reading Coco


Joy Mongolia (2016) Dir. Chinguun Balkhjav Hopefully the country of origin of this 2016 release will deter you from thinking I have broken my boycott of J*nn*f*r L*wr*nc* films, so save the accusations of hypocrisy for another day - if indeed hell does freeze over. Instead, we’ll bask in the knowledge that this Joy marks … Continue reading Joy

The Village Of No Return (Jian wang cun)

The Village Of No Return (Jian wang cun) Taiwan/China (2017) Dir. Chen Yu-hsun Memories are an important part of our lives. We can bask in the fond glow of the good or learn from the mistakes of the bad. But if someone offered you the chance to wipe away those negative memories would you take … Continue reading The Village Of No Return (Jian wang cun)