Fagara (Hua jiao zhi wei)

Fagara (Hua jiao zhi wei) Hong Kong (2019) Dir. Heiward Mak The bond between father and daughter can often be as strong as that between mother and daughter, and one can that can hurt deeply if it is compromised in some way. If it isn’t “Daddy’s little girl” growing up that is the cause, it … Continue reading Fagara (Hua jiao zhi wei)

Get The Hell Out

Get The Hell Out Taiwan (2020) Dir. I-Fan Wang Politics is a messy business to get involved in. It is where people shed their humanity, and their instincts for self-preservation reduce them to committing acts of shameless venality and display levels of immorality unthinkable to most. In short - it turns people into monsters. A … Continue reading Get The Hell Out

Café. Waiting. Love (Deng yi ge ren ka fei)

Café. Waiting. Love (Deng yi ge ren ka fei) Taiwan (2014) Dir. Chiang Chin-Lin In 2011, Giddens Ko's film adaptation of his own bestselling novel The Girl We Chased Together In Those Years, renamed You Are The Apple Of My Eye, became Taiwan’s highest grossing film at the box office. The beginning of a trilogy … Continue reading Café. Waiting. Love (Deng yi ge ren ka fei)