Mother (Mazâ) Movie Review

Mother (Mazâ) Japan (2020) Dir. Tatsushi Omori Not everybody has it in them to be a parent. Giving birth to a child doesn’t automatically make someone a parent, and neither does loving their children - or convincing them they do. As sad as this sounds that isn’t always enough, and it is the child who … Continue reading Mother (Mazâ) Movie Review

Before We Vanish

Before We Vanish (Cert 15) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Academy) Running Time: 130 minutes approx. “Then why not act more like an alien? Shoot death rays from your eyes!” If this is our perception of what an alien is, no wonder visitors to earth from another planet are unsure what being human is. Then … Continue reading Before We Vanish


Bleach Japan (2018) Dir. Shinsuke Sato  I apologise for the ensuing fan boy ramblings you are about to read, but Bleach is one of my favourite ever anime series, making it very difficult to appraise this live action adaptation without regular comparisons to the expected differences and liberties taken during the transition between the two … Continue reading Bleach

I Am A Hero

I Am A Hero Japan (2015) Dir. Shinsuke Sato  Aside from the anime High School Of the Dead Japan’s take on the zombie flick has been esoteric at best, rarely resembling the approach we are used to seeing here in the west. In adapting the manga by Kengo Hanazawa, Shinsuke Sato makes a film that … Continue reading I Am A Hero

Go Find A Psychic! (Magare! Supûn)

Go Find A Psychic! (Magare! Supûn) Japan (2009) Dir. Katsuyuki Motohiro Belief is a powerful thing, for better or for worse. Some find comfort in spiritual guidance; others succumb to pernicious ideals with devastating consequences. Whatever it is, the strength of our beliefs keep us going even we don’t find the resolve we hoped for. … Continue reading Go Find A Psychic! (Magare! Supûn)

Our Little Sister

Our Little Sister (Cert PG) 1 Disc (Distributor: Curzon Artificial Eye) Running Time: 127 minutes approx. Japan’s Hirokazu Kore-eda seems to have found tremendous capital of late in relating stories dealing with divided families, from the whimsical I Wish to the touching Like Father, Like Son. Continuing this run of sublime and affecting outings is … Continue reading Our Little Sister

Wood Job! (Wood Job! Kamusari Naa Naa Nichijo)

Wood Job! (Wood Job! Kamusari Naa Naa Nichijo) Japan (2014) Dir. Shinobu Yaguchi Fish out of water stories are always good for a laugh but there is something a little disconcerting when the fish is out of water in his own country! Then again it is indicative of the regional divides which appear across many … Continue reading Wood Job! (Wood Job! Kamusari Naa Naa Nichijo)

Love Strikes! (Moteki)

  Love Strikes! (Moteki) Japan (2011) Dir. Hitoshi Ohne Yukiyo Fujimoto (Mirai Moriyama) is a 31 year-old virgin, his life is going nowhere and is desperate for love. He starts working as a writer for a news site although his colleagues all tease Yukiyo for his involuntary celibacy. While wallowing in self pity via his … Continue reading Love Strikes! (Moteki)