Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories UK (2017) Dirs. Jeremy Dyson & Andy Nyman “We have to be so very careful what we believe in” A maxim we should all heed but likely, we never will. And as the film’s title suggests, this isn’t about religion though it does play a small part in the cynicism of the main … Continue reading Ghost Stories

Black Panther

Black Panther (Cert 12A) US (2018) Dir. Ryan Coogler One noted surprise for Marvel fans when Captain America: Civil War hit the screens in 2016 was the appearance of Black Panther, a hitherto overlooked member of the Marvel universe, among the line-up of familiar faces. With Hollywood embroiled in a diversity scandal, this was a … Continue reading Black Panther

The World’s End

The World's End UK (2013) Dir. Edgar Wright The Godfather Trilogy. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. The Infernal Affairs Trilogy. The Cornetto Trilogy. If the last one doesn’t sound immediately familiar that is because it is an unofficial trilogy insofar as there isn’t an overarching or connecting story across all the films. The only … Continue reading The World’s End


Nativity! UK (2009) Dir. Debbie Isitt Primary school teacher Paul Maddens (Martin Freeman) is appointed the task of helming the annual nativity by incumbent headmistress Mrs. Bevan (Pam Ferris). After being teased by Gordon Shakespeare (Jason Watkins), the music master at a private school school whose nativities are the stuff of legend, Paul falsely boasts … Continue reading Nativity!