The Traitor (Il traditore)

The Traitor (Il traditore) Italy (2019) Dir. Marco Bellocchio If you were part of a huge criminal organisation like the Mafia then the last thing you would do is become a police informer and spill the beans about the inner workings of this dangerous group. To ensure his place in Italian history - or infamy … Continue reading The Traitor (Il traditore)

The Ciambra (A Ciambra)

The Ciambra (A Ciambra) Italy (2017) Dir. Jonas Carpignano Life is about the choices we make, learning from the bad, and building on the foundation of the good. But sometimes the influence of our surroundings and family situation is so overwhelming that we are likely to be destined to follow a path in life that … Continue reading The Ciambra (A Ciambra)


Suburra (Cert 18) 1 Disc (Distributor: Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment) Running Time: 135 minutes approx. The Italians (as should every nation really) ought to thank their criminal underworld, along with their corrupt politicians, for existing, purely for the endless inspiration it gives their writers and filmmakers, as this film from Stefano Sollima, director of the TV … Continue reading Suburra

Black Souls (Anime nere)

Black Souls (Anime nere) Italy (2014) Dir. Francesco Munzi When one thinks of films concerning the Mafia obviously The Godfather will immediately spring to mind, along with Goodfellas and the modern Italian update in Gommarah. With the template pretty much established by these films, Black Souls will likely prove to be either a pleasant surprise … Continue reading Black Souls (Anime nere)

The Consequences Of Love (Le conseguenze dell’amore)

The Consequences Of Love (Le conseguenze dell'amore) Italy (2004) Dir. Paolo Sorrentino I wish I could put my finger exactly what it is that makes some Italian movies so hit and miss for me. They usually do most things right that either appeals to me or has my appreciation but somehow, something fails to connect … Continue reading The Consequences Of Love (Le conseguenze dell’amore)

Mean Streets

Mean Streets US (1973) Dir. Martin Scorsese In Little Italy, Charlie (Harvey Keitel) is an Italian American working for his uncle Giovanni (Cesare Danova) as a debt collector among the world of the New York Mafia but his ultimate dream is to run a respectable restaurant. It is his loyalty to the cocky and unstable … Continue reading Mean Streets

The Godfather Part III

The Godfather Part III US (1990) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola Finally we come to the runt of the litter or for many, the unwanted child of the trilogy. Having achieved legendary status and making history by being the first two films in a series to win back to back Best Film Oscars, it was with … Continue reading The Godfather Part III

The Godfather Part II

The Godfather Part II US (1974) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola And so to the much lauded sequel. Or is it a prequel?  Actually it’s both although many purists prefer to suggest it is more of a companion piece to its seminal predecessor. Whatever you want to call The Godfather Part II, one thing it can … Continue reading The Godfather Part II

The Godfather

The Godfather US (1972) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola Of all the classic films that regularly feature as close the top as possible in the Greatest Film Ever lists that I’m coming to far too late in my film buff life, The Godfather (and its sequels – although I am aware the third is the least … Continue reading The Godfather

Shun Li And The Poet (Io sono Li)

  Shun Li And The Poet (Io sono Li) Italy (2011) Dir. Andrea Segre In the outskirts of Rome, Chinese immigrant Shun Li (Zhao Tao) works in a textiles factory, hoping to have her young son sent out to join her. One day she is summoned to move to a small fishing village in the … Continue reading Shun Li And The Poet (Io sono Li)