The Fish Child (El niño pez)

The Fish Child (El niño pez) Argentina (2009) Dir. Lucía Puenzo Love, apparently, knows no boundaries, be it is age, race, gender, or nationality though in some cases, obstacles are almost assured. One potential interference is class and social status, where the rich and privileged wouldn’t dream of letting their children fraternise with the lower … Continue reading The Fish Child (El niño pez)

Wakolda (aka The German Doctor)

Wakolda (aka The German Doctor) Argentina (2013) Dir. Lucía Puenzo It is generally accepted that the Nazis weren’t particularly nice people so the popular consensus is you wouldn’t let one in the house - unless of course you weren’t aware that you were in the presence of a high-ranking officer of the SS with a … Continue reading Wakolda (aka The German Doctor)