My King (Mon Roi)

My King (Mon Roi) France (2015) Dir. Maïwenn Bruises heal but mental abuse stays forever, yet some schools of thought propagate a possible correlation between the two, and that rehabbing the physical could help fix the psychological. This might just be modern cod philosophy or an unexplored phenomenon but they do say “healthy body, healthy … Continue reading My King (Mon Roi)

Redoubtable (Le Redoutable)

Redoubtable (Le Redoutable) France (2017) Dir. Michel Hazanavicius Jean-Luc Godard is revered as one of the founding fathers of the French New Wave of the 1960’s, someone whose maverick approach to filmmaking challenged the form, conventions, and language of cinema with films like Breathless. Hailed as a genius by critics, filmmakers and fans alike, if … Continue reading Redoubtable (Le Redoutable)

Ishmael’s Ghosts

Ishmael’s Ghosts (Cert 15) 1 Disc Blu-ray/DVD / 2 Discs Ltd Ed. Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Academy) Running Time: Theatrical Cut - 113 minutes approx / Director’s Cut - 134 minutes approx. NB: This review is based on the Director’s Cut No giant white whales for this particular Ishmael to tackle but maybe the events of … Continue reading Ishmael’s Ghosts

From The Land Of The Moon

From The Land Of The Moon (Mal de pierres) France (2016) Dir. Nicole Garcia “Don’t know what I want but I know how to get it” A slightly glib summation of the central theme of this film, based on the 2006 novel of the same name by Italian writer Milena Agus, but the ambiguity of … Continue reading From The Land Of The Moon

Regarde la mer And Other Films

Regarde la mer And Other Films France (1994-2006) Dir. François Ozon One of France’s most prolific and boldest filmmakers of the past twenty years, François Ozon has amassed quite the catalogue of varied films covering a myriad of themes, which has seen him rise from obscure Enfant terrible to acclaimed mainstream heavy hitter who can … Continue reading Regarde la mer And Other Films

Beloved (Les bien-aimés)

Beloved (Les bien-aimés) France (2011) Dir. Christophe Honoré In a story that spans three decades, we meet Madeline (Ludivine Sagnier) in the early 1960’s, a shoe shop assistant who one day is mistaken for a prostitute but takes the deal anyway. Through this line of work Madeline meets Czech doctor Jaromil (Rasha Bukvic), with whom … Continue reading Beloved (Les bien-aimés)