Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss US (1938) Dir. John G. Blystone One of the later efforts Laurel and Hardy made with Hal Roach, Swiss Miss proved to be something of a watershed moment for the boys and their relationship with the man who produced many of their greatest films. While creative tension can often produce great art this … Continue reading Swiss Miss

Pardon Us

Pardon Us US (1931) Dir. James Parrott This film marked for the first ever feature length outing for the most eximious of all the comedy duos, Laurel & Hardy. However while it is a prime slice of their legendary comic antics it lacks the grandeur and focus of their later feature films, making it something … Continue reading Pardon Us


Block-Heads US (1938) Dir. John G. Blystone It’s 1917 and World War I is in progress. Just as a platoon of US troops are about to go over the top in France Private Laurel (Stan Laurel) is told to guard the trenches until relieved. Fast forward to 1938 and the war is long over but … Continue reading Block-Heads

Sons Of The Desert

Sons Of The Desert US (1933) Dir. William A. SeiterAfter swearing an oath along with the rest of the California chapter of the Sons Of The Desert men’s organisation for a 100% turnout at the annual convention in Chicago, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy try to convince their wives Lottie (Mae Busch) and Betty (Dorothy … Continue reading Sons Of The Desert

Our Relations

Our Relations US (1936) Dir. Harry Lachman     Stan (Stan Laurel) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy) are to take their wives Mrs. Hardy (Daphne Pollard) and Betty (Betty Healy) out to lunch. Meanwhile their long lost and less reputable twin brothers Bert (Hardy) and Alf (Laurel), who ran away to join the navy, have docked in town … Continue reading Our Relations