Innocent Witness (Jeungin)

Innocent Witness (Jeungin) Korea (2019) Dir. Lee Han “If only she weren’t Autistic” A line actually spoken in a film apparently designed to help broaden our understanding and knowledge of Autism. Thankfully, this is repudiated by the mother of the autistic girl in question, proclaiming she had never once thought that herself, otherwise it wouldn’t … Continue reading Innocent Witness (Jeungin)

Secret Zoo (Haechijianha)

Secret Zoo (Haechijianha) Korea (2020) Dir. Son Jae-Gon If it is all for a good cause then a little deception can be forgiven right? Unfortunately, in the corporate world when money talks and the powerful talk louder, there is no such thing as a good cause when there is a profit to be made, and … Continue reading Secret Zoo (Haechijianha)

Beasts Clawing At Straws (Jipuragirado Jabgo Sipeun Jibseungdeul)

Beasts Clawing At Straws (Jipuragirado Jabgo Sipeun Jibseungdeul) Korea (2020) Dir. Kim Young-Hoon Money. If it didn’t exist would the world be a better place? If you think of all the trouble it causes, such as class divide and disparity, greed, envy, debt, perhaps it would make things easier if we had a different system … Continue reading Beasts Clawing At Straws (Jipuragirado Jabgo Sipeun Jibseungdeul)

The Woman Who Ran (Domangchin yeoja)

The Woman Who Ran (Domangchin yeoja) Korea (2020) Dir. Hong Sang-soo Spoiler: there are no running women in this film, but they do talk a lot; and eat a lot too, but mostly talk. It’s a Hong Sang-soo film, what do you expect? Anyway, the more pressing question is what exactly is the woman is … Continue reading The Woman Who Ran (Domangchin yeoja)


Romang Korea (2019) Dir. Lee Chang-Geun Dementia is a cruel condition that affects 50 million people worldwide with almost 10 million new cases diagnosed a year. Whilst it is not exclusive to the elderly, they are the most common sufferers despite dementia not being a normal part of the aging process, but does mean the … Continue reading Romang


Bori Korea (2018) Dir. Kim Jin-yu Feeling on the outside of your family is something many of us experience at least once in our lives, usually because of our own teenage stroppiness rebelling against the guidance of our parents. Sometimes, circumstances might be different and feelings of exclusion are nobody’s fault. Eleven year-old Na Bo-ri … Continue reading Bori

Me And Me (Sarajin Shigan)

Me And Me (Sarajin Shigan) Korea (2020) Dir. Jung Jin-Young One of the worst things that can happen to a person is to lose sense of who they are, to no longer have their own personality - that is, of course, if they are aware that they are becoming somebody else. Then again, how would … Continue reading Me And Me (Sarajin Shigan)

0.0 Mhz

0.0 Mhz Korea (2019) Dir. Yoo Sun-Dong Did you know that 0.0mhz is the exact radio frequency at which we can contact with the spirit world? A bit like Radio 3. Yet, if we have learned anything from horror cinema, it is never to go in search for the paranormal - unless you have a … Continue reading 0.0 Mhz

The Cat (Go-hyang-i: Jook-eum-eul bo-neun doo gae-eui noon)

The Cat (Go-hyang-i: Jook-eum-eul bo-neun doo gae-eui noon) Korea (2011) Dir. Byun Seung-Wook If you follow me on social media or note the occasional comments on this site, you’ll know I am a dog owner of a pug named Penny. So, you’ll forgive me if I concur with the theme of this Korean horror which … Continue reading The Cat (Go-hyang-i: Jook-eum-eul bo-neun doo gae-eui noon)

#Alive (#Saraitda)

#Alive (#Saraitda) Korea (2020) Dir. Cho Il-hyung The zombie genre appears to be one that has little room for development beyond the premise of infected people eating the uninfected, whilst those who can, try to survive. Leave it to the Koreans, who came rather late to the zombie party, to find a way to bring … Continue reading #Alive (#Saraitda)