Movie Review – 6/45

6/45 Korea (2022) Dir. Park Gyu-tae Could you share a huge wealth with people diametrically opposed to you in almost every way - i.e. politically and philosophically? It’s an unlikely situation granted, but everyone needs money and altruism is not lost in everyone, unless your hand is forced. By a twist of fate, a lottery … Continue reading Movie Review – 6/45

Movie Review – Hunt

Hunt (Heon-teu) Korea (2022) Dir. Lee Jung-Jae It is hard to watch films about the feuding ideology of a bifurcated country or continent, where violence is deemed the only means to an end and not think of John Lennon’s simple plea of “Give peace a chance”. Is sitting down and verbally thrashing out a resolve … Continue reading Movie Review – Hunt

Movie Review – The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey

The Cursed: Dead Man's Prey (Bangbeob: Jaechaui) Korea (2021) Dir. Kim Yong-Wan Very rarely do the police receive advanced warning by a murderer that he intends to kill again, giving a specific time of day and the names of the victims. It’s a bold tactic, and dare I say a counterproductive one all things considered, … Continue reading Movie Review – The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey

Movie Review – H

H Korea (2002) Dir. Lee Jong-Hyuk Copycat killers are a weird bunch - let’s face it, what sane person idolises serial killers and sociopathic nut jobs then re-enacts their crimes to the smallest detail? And why do they do it knowing the fate of their heroes? Who really seeks a life in prison or on … Continue reading Movie Review – H

Movie Review – Monstrum (Mulgoe)

Monstrum (Mulgoe) Korea (2018) Dir. Huh Jong-Ho You know as children our parents will tell us about the monsters or the Boogeyman to make us behave, then we would grow up and realise they lied to us? Now, imagine if that story was true and there was a monster out there after all… In 1527 … Continue reading Movie Review – Monstrum (Mulgoe)

Movie Review – Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia Korea (2022) Dir. Shin Youn-Shick Health issues, contrary to what we may believe, are not governed by age - in other words, ailments that might be found in the old are exclusive to them and could easily blight the young as well. Over the past few decades, Alzheimer’s and dementia, mostly associated with senior … Continue reading Movie Review – Cassiopeia

Movie Review – Decision To Leave

Decision To Leave (Heojil kyolshim) Korea (2022) Dir. Park Chan-Wook Boy meets girl, girl turns out to be trouble, boy regrets meeting girl but can’t let go of her. A story that’s been told a million times before but not by someone with a devious and esoteric mind like Park Chan-Wook. The man behind Oldboy … Continue reading Movie Review – Decision To Leave

Movie Review – I Want To Know Your Parents

I Want To Know Your Parents (Ni Boomo Eolgooli Bogo Shipda) Korea (2022) Dir. Kim Ji-Hoon Every parent wants to think the best of their children so when they are confronted with accusations of wrongdoing, the immediate reaction is denial and pinning the blame on outside influences. How deep the denial goes says more about … Continue reading Movie Review – I Want To Know Your Parents

Movie Review – Special Delivery

Special Delivery (Teuksong) Korea (2022) Dir. Park Dae-Min Maybe we take Amazon, Royal Mail, DHL, Deliveroo, et al for granted when it comes to expecting our orders to arrive, overlooking the journeys their drivers need to make to reach us. After all, anything can happen to hold them up or cause them to take a … Continue reading Movie Review – Special Delivery

Movie Review – Broker

Broker Korea (2022) Dir. Hirokazu Koreeda Nobody asks to be born but people who bring a child into this world have a responsibility to raise it, nurture it, and give it the best life possible. Not all pregnancies are planned, thus a grey area finds parents who cannot give a child the life it deserves … Continue reading Movie Review – Broker