Movie Review – Seobok

Seobok Korea (2021) Dir. Lee Yong-Joo Eternal life. It seems many people yearn for it, not necessarily to avoid dying but rather to exploit it in the name of gaining power which can’t ever be wrest from them, or as we know them, criminals. This would make the idea of immortality flawed and we should … Continue reading Movie Review – Seobok

Movie Review – Moonlit Winter

Moonlit Winter (Yunhui-ege) Korea (2019) Dir. Lim Dae-Hyung Courage comes in many forms. It is not limited to jumping into a river or running into a burning building to save someone, or speaking out against a crime, or even asking that unattainable person out on a date. Sadly, many people don’t have the courage to … Continue reading Movie Review – Moonlit Winter

Movie Review – Slate

Slate (Buleora Geompunga) Korea (2020) Dir. Jo Ba-Reun We all have our dream jobs though very few of us get to realise them. Those who do get there by dint of hard work, perseverance, and incredible self-belief; others tend to rely too much on the latter and expect success to land in their laps. They … Continue reading Movie Review – Slate

Movie Review – Escape From Mogadishu

Escape From Mogadishu (Mogadisyu) Korea (2021) Dir. Ryoo Seung-wan Politics and war go hand in hand, yet it is always the ordinary people, the civilians, who suffer the most. It has been a few hundred years since England last had a civil war (has any war actually been civil?) and frankly I’d rather not be … Continue reading Movie Review – Escape From Mogadishu

Movie Review – My Bossy Girl

My Bossy Girl (Neoui yeojachingu) Korea (2019) Dir. Lee Jang-Hee Usually when a guy wants to impress a girl, he relies on flashy clothes, cheesy chat up lines, and flashing the cash. Or, if he wants to appeal to her more practical side, he’ll dazzle her with a set of wheels - by which I … Continue reading Movie Review – My Bossy Girl

Movie Review – Show Me The Ghost

Show Me The Ghost (syo-mi-deo-go-seu-teu) Korea (2021) Dir. Kim Eun-kyoung There are a lot of things that could jeopardise a long term relationship between friends - lies, betrayal, arguments over money, dating each other’s partners (if the scenario fits) and ghosts. Okay, that last one may not be a typical catalyst for a strained friendship … Continue reading Movie Review – Show Me The Ghost

Movie Review – The Grotesque Mansion

The Grotesque Mansion Korea (2021) Dir. Jo Ba-Reun Nobody really wants to live in haunted house unless they are ghost hunters or gluttons for punishment. It is usually much later when a building being cursed becomes known -after all, an estate agent isn’t going to say anything! Still, it makes for some fun stories to … Continue reading Movie Review – The Grotesque Mansion

Movie Review – Recalled

Recalled (Naeilui Kieok) Korea (2021) Dir. Seo Yoo-Min There are countless stories about amnesiac protagonists plagued by the gaps in their memories. Whilst this is fertile ground for creating tense and often shocking thrillers, they tend to follow a similar path. Is there anything new to add to this genre? Following an accident, Soo-Jin (Seo … Continue reading Movie Review – Recalled

Movie Review – Midnight

Midnight Korea (2021) Dir. Kwon Oh-Seung Navigating life when you are deaf is not easy, arguably just pipped by blindness in the difficulty stakes but with its own set of problems. What they both have in common is many unpleasant people will take advantage of this impairment, either for their own amusement, or for something … Continue reading Movie Review – Midnight

Movie Review – Swing Kids

Swing Kids (Seuwingkizeu) Korea (2018) Dir. Kang Hyung-Chul “It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing” Duke Ellington said as much in 1931 - twenty years later this theory would be put to the test in the unlikeliest of locations, a POW camp in South Korea, and all in the name of … Continue reading Movie Review – Swing Kids