Oh Lucy!

Oh Lucy! Japan (2017) Dir. Atsuko Hirayanagi Life is one big disappointment for some of us. We work hard, do all that expected of us, but always remain behind the eight ball, so when something comes along that might offer us glimmer of hope, it is snatched away from us as quickly as it appears. … Continue reading Oh Lucy!

The Third Murder

The Third Murder (Cert 15) 1 Disc DVD/Blu-ray (Distributor: Arrow Academy) Running Time: 125 minutes approx. Is the justice system really the most infallible way to dictate the fate of someone based on which side of a story is believed? And what does justice mean if a critical decision is made for the wrong reasons? … Continue reading The Third Murder

The World Of Kanako (Kawaki)

The World Of Kanako (Kawaki) Japan (2014) Dir. Tetsuya Nakashima This is not an easy film to watch. I appreciate that is not the first thing one wants to read in a review but it has to be said. Tetsuya Nakashima has left the colourful bubblegum world of his breakthrough hit Kamikaze Girls behind in … Continue reading The World Of Kanako (Kawaki)

Shall We Dance? (Shall we dansu?)

Shall We Dance? (Shall we dansu?) Japan (1996) Dir. Masayuki Suo Chances are the 2004 Hollywood remake of the same name of this charming Japanese comedy is more familiar, which I have not seen but can only assume from its glitzy cast of Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez that it misses the subtlety of … Continue reading Shall We Dance? (Shall we dansu?)

The Woodsman And The Rain (Kitsutsuki to ame)

The Woodsman And The Rain (Kitsutsuki to ame) Japan (2012) Dir. Shûichi Okita In the peaceful mountain village of Yamamura, 60 year-old lumberjack Katsuhiko Kishi (Koji Yakusho) and his colleagues have their work disrupted when a film crew arrives to shoot a zombie movie nearby. When the rain comes and interrupts the shoot, Katsuhiko ends … Continue reading The Woodsman And The Rain (Kitsutsuki to ame)

The Admiral

The Admiral (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Cine-Asia) Running time: 135 minutes approx. December 7th 1941 and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour – “the date which will live in infamy” as per then US president Franklin D. Roosevelt which saw America’s official entry into the Second World War. But how much do you know … Continue reading The Admiral