The Truth Beneath (Bi-mil-eun eobs-da)

  The Truth Beneath (Bi-mil-eun eobs-da) Korea (2016) Dir. Lee Kyoung-Mi The popular aphorism “we hurt the ones that love us the most” is the fundamental message behind the long awaited second film from Park Chan-Wook progeny Lee Kyoung-Mi, arriving a mere eight years after her debut Crush & Blush. Elections for a seat in … Continue reading The Truth Beneath (Bi-mil-eun eobs-da)

Like For Likes (Joa-haejo)

Like For Likes (Joa-haejo) Korea (2016) Dir. Park Hyun-Jin If romantic comedies ever had a handicap working against them it is that the genre is notoriously difficult to be completely original and, most importantly, unpredictable in. As much as I can’t stand the insipid Love Actually, Richard Curtis did at least try a few different … Continue reading Like For Likes (Joa-haejo)