Thread Of Lies (U-a-han geo-jit-mal)

Thread Of Lies (U-a-han geo-jit-mal) Korea (2014) Dir.  Lee Han  It is ironic for a country to have made so many damning films on the subject of bullying and teen suicides that the problem still exists, thus more films will be made about it until it is addressed. With the addition to the ranks of … Continue reading Thread Of Lies (U-a-han geo-jit-mal)

The Tower (Ta-weo)

The Tower (Ta-weo) Korea (2012) Dir. Kim Ji-hoon It’s Christmas Eve and the owner of the Tower Sky twin building luxury apartment block, President Jo (Cha In-Pyo), decides to throw the party of all parties for a number of rich friends and VIPs. In the building’s kitchens a pan fire leads to the revelation that … Continue reading The Tower (Ta-weo)