Missing aka Missing Woman (Missing: Sarajin Yeoja)

Missing aka Missing Woman (Missing: Sarajin Yeoja) Korea (2016) Dir. Lee Eon-hee Trust. It’s a very important commodity in life that can make or break a relationship. If it is broken or abused, the consequences can be devastating. Lee Eon-hee’s fraught drama begins like a horrific kidnap case but in fact reveals itself to be … Continue reading Missing aka Missing Woman (Missing: Sarajin Yeoja)


J Revolusi

J Revolusi Malaysia (2017) Dir. Zulkarnain Azhar It’s been well over five years since ol’ MIB paid a visit to the Malaysian branch of the world cinema chain, so here we are again with this action thriller presumably designed to keep up with their Asian neighbours in this particular genre. The UTK (Unit Tindakhas) is … Continue reading J Revolusi

Dearest (Qin ai de)

Dearest (Qin ai de) China /Hong Kong (2014) Dir. Peter Chan One of the worst things for a parent is to have their young child abducted from them. The emotional torment of the parents must be unimaginable but at least a full police search being conducted - unless you live in a country where the … Continue reading Dearest (Qin ai de)

Who Killed Cock Robin? (Mu ji zhe)

Who Killed Cock Robin? (Mu ji zhe)   Taiwan (2017) Dir. Cheng Wei-hao Everyone knows the Sparrow did it - he even confessed. Well, that was quick wasn’t it? Actually, the second film from Cheng Wei-hao has nothing to do with this traditional nursery rhyme aside from using the title to imply this mystery crime thriller … Continue reading Who Killed Cock Robin? (Mu ji zhe)

Killing Words (Palabras encadenadas)

Killing Words (Palabras encadenadas) Spain (2003) Dir. Laura Mañá The ability to tell a convincing story is a rare skill but one that can pay dividends, used correctly of course, unless one starts to believe the yarn they are spinning. This Spanish psychological thriller adds a fresh twist on the serial killer genre in both … Continue reading Killing Words (Palabras encadenadas)

Dead Or Alive: Final

Dead Or Alive: Final Japan (2002) Dir. Takashi Miike Concluding a story is often hard for a writer; concluding a trilogy is going to be even harder but it seems Japanese provocateur’s decision to make his Dead Or Alive trilogy a largely unconnected affair made it a bit easier for screenwriter Ichiro Ryu and his … Continue reading Dead Or Alive: Final


Headshot (Cert 18) 1 Disc (Distributor: Arrow Video) Running Time: 118 minutes approx. Recently I reviewed the 2014 Chilean action film Redeemer and commented on how its violence was more gory than most horror films. Trust the Indonesians to make a film that is even more grisly than that! A man is washed up by … Continue reading Headshot