The World Is Yours (Le monde est à toi)

The World Is Yours (Le monde est à toi) France (2018) Dir. Romain Gavras Crime doesn’t pay yet people still think they can prove this adage wrong - or die trying. One man hopes to walk away from this dangerous world but there are many things preventing him from doing so - including his own … Continue reading The World Is Yours (Le monde est à toi)

The Giants (Les géants)

The Giants (Les géants) Belgium (2011) Dir. Bouli Lanners When we were kids we all yearned for freedom from adults around us, allowing us to run amok and have adventures unfettered from disapproval and stringent rules. Yet without being able to return to our families or the oppression of adult rule to rebel against, this … Continue reading The Giants (Les géants)

The Anarchists (Les Anarchistes)

The Anarchists (Les Anarchistes) France (2015) Dir. Elie Wajeman “Love made me become an anarchist” As good a reason as any I suppose, but it turns out love was the downfall for the titular anarchists in this second feature from up-and-coming French director Elie Wajeman - that and a pedestrian script for what could have … Continue reading The Anarchists (Les Anarchistes)