Oh Lucy!

Oh Lucy! Japan (2017) Dir. Atsuko Hirayanagi Life is one big disappointment for some of us. We work hard, do all that expected of us, but always remain behind the eight ball, so when something comes along that might offer us glimmer of hope, it is snatched away from us as quickly as it appears. … Continue reading Oh Lucy!

Kabukichô Love Hotel (Sayonara kabukichô)

Kabukichô Love Hotel (Sayonara kabukichô) Japan (2014) Dir. Ryuichi Hiroki For the uninitiated love hotels are common across Asia and parts of South America but they are more associated with Japan, standing as a unique aspect of the country’s rich and varied culture. They provide a place for amorous couples to amuse themselves intimately, be … Continue reading Kabukichô Love Hotel (Sayonara kabukichô)