Miss Montigny

Miss Montigny Belgium (2005) Dir. Miel Van Hoogenbemt Getting through life on your own terms is always going to be a struggle. This doesn’t mean asking for help or maybe allowing yourself to occasionally be led in order to get things moving is off the table either, its knowing when the agenda is getting results … Continue reading Miss Montigny


Souvenir (Cert 12) 1 Disc (Distributor: Studiocanal) Running Time: 87 minutes approx. When an actor has played practically every aberrant, enigmatic and emotionally tortured role possible what is there left to do? If you are irrepressible modern French legend Isabelle Huppert the answer is simple - you play a washed up pop singer! Not since … Continue reading Souvenir

Jeune & Jolie

Jeune & Jolie France (2013) Dir. François Ozon While on a family summer holiday 17 year-old Isabelle (Marine Vacth) loses her virginity to her German beau Felix (Lucas Prisor) but feels nothing from the experience. Upon returning home to Paris, Isabelle becomes a prostitute on the quiet, adopting the name Lea with a string of … Continue reading Jeune & Jolie