Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce US (1945) Dir. Michael Curtiz How far would a mother go to secure the love of her daughter? It really needn’t be asked as filial piety should be unconditional as is the love between parent and offspring, but it is pondered in this classic noir drama that saw Joan Crawford win her only … Continue reading Mildred Pierce

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? US (1962) Dir. Robert Aldrich What do you do when you have two of the biggest stars of the Golden Era of Hollywood who have a famous long-standing personal and bitter rivalry? You cast them as sisters in a film of course! That is the big draw for this … Continue reading What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel US (1932) Dir. Edmund Goulding Of all the famous films I have only recently seen for the first time Grand Hotel serves as a double inaugural experience being the first time I’ve ever viewed the legendary Greta Garbo in action! But Garbo was not alone in this Oscar winning film, as producer Irving … Continue reading Grand Hotel