The White Knights (Les chevaliers blancs)

The White Knights (Les chevaliers blancs) France/Belgium (2015) Dir. Joachim Lafosse  Is there a fine line between charity and subterfuge, where doing something that benefits two parties is a case of the ends justifying the means? If the ultimate objective is to provide mutual happiness is muddying the facts that serious a crime? Joachim Lafosse’s … Continue reading The White Knights (Les chevaliers blancs)

After Love (L’économie du couple)

After Love (L'économie du couple) France/Belgium (2016) Dir. Joachim Lafosse They say all is fair in love and war but when one turns into the other, fairness is often the last concern of those embroiled in a bitter dispute. Belgian writer-director Joachim Lafosse posits this idea via an indefatigable impasse created by the stubbornness of … Continue reading After Love (L’économie du couple)