Default (Gukgabudo-ui Nal)

Default (Gukgabudo-ui Nal) Korea (2018) Dir. Choi Kook-Hee Bankers. There is a reason its rude rhyming alternative exists and it’s not limited to here in the UK either. In 1997, Korea was embroiled in a major financial scandal due to the actions of corrupt politicians that was seen a key contribution to Korea’s financial crash … Continue reading Default (Gukgabudo-ui Nal)

No Tears For The Dead (U-neun nam-ja)

No Tears For The Dead (U-neun nam-ja) Korea (2014) Dir. Lee Jeong-beom Having set a new standard for the grisly and violent revenge flick with 2010’s The Man From Nowhere, interest was keen for director Lee Jeong-beom’s next project. The answer finds him walking a similar path with a hint of what films Lee has … Continue reading No Tears For The Dead (U-neun nam-ja)