The Dead List (aka Ultimate Heist / Le premier cercle)

The Dead List (aka Ultimate Heist / Le premier cercle) France (2009) Dir. Laurent Tuel A French crime thriller with Jean Reno, complete with an enticing title and plot? Sounds like a can’t miss prospect, right? Well, the good news is that this film isn’t bad but it certainly isn’t what you might expect given … Continue reading The Dead List (aka Ultimate Heist / Le premier cercle)

Shut Up! (Tais-toi!)

Shut Up! (Tais-toi!) France (2003) Dir. Francis Veber For what is essentially a buddy movie, and a zany one at that, Shut Up! is a unlikely choice of title, deliberately not telling us anything about the story; even its alternative English title of Ruby & Quentin, which at least lets us know it is about … Continue reading Shut Up! (Tais-toi!)

Les visiteurs

Les visiteurs France (1993) Dir. Jean-Marie Poiré Time travel films are hard to get right, especially as pedantic nerds will be waiting to rip apart the disruption of the space-time continuum and the paradox of someone being in the same time zone with their modern or past counterparts. So, the best approach is to make … Continue reading Les visiteurs


Ca$h France (2008) Dir. Éric Besnard A conman named Solal (Clovis Cornillac) is killed during a scam by a gunman from a rival gang Vincent (Mehdi Nebbou). His brother Cash (Jean Dujardin) and his crime “family” – François (François Berléand), Léa (Caroline Proust) and Fred le marin (Samir Guesmi) want revenge but have plans for … Continue reading CA$H