Innocent Witness (Jeungin)

Innocent Witness (Jeungin) Korea (2019) Dir. Lee Han “If only she weren’t Autistic” A line actually spoken in a film apparently designed to help broaden our understanding and knowledge of Autism. Thankfully, this is repudiated by the mother of the autistic girl in question, proclaiming she had never once thought that herself, otherwise it wouldn’t … Continue reading Innocent Witness (Jeungin)

Miss Baek (Mi-sseu-baek)

Miss Baek (Mi-sseu-baek) Korea (2018) Dir. Lee Ji-Won “I’m sorry for being born!” These words no child should ever have to say to their parents, even if they are abusive monsters. Sadly, this haunting, harrowing drama from Korea is based on real events, and whilst this means not every detail is shared verbatim, it wouldn’t … Continue reading Miss Baek (Mi-sseu-baek)

The Classified File (Geukbisusa)

The Classified File (Geukbisusa) Korea (2015) Dir. Kwak Kyung-taek Another film “based on true events”, this Korean kidnapping drama from Kwak Kyung-taek takes a slightly different route in setting out to redress the balance of credit and not focusing solely on the investigation. A bold move but one which becomes clearer in the final act. … Continue reading The Classified File (Geukbisusa)

Remember You (Nareul Itjimarayo)

Remember You (Nareul Itjimarayo) Korea (2016) Dir. Lee Yoon-Jung Memories, good and bad, need to be held on to - they make up a part of who we are. Losing them could spell disaster, but is it ever justified withholding a particularly memory, no matter how devastating it might be, from someone who has amnesia? … Continue reading Remember You (Nareul Itjimarayo)

Ode To My Father (Gukjesijang)

Ode To My Father (Gukjesijang) Korea (2014) Dir. Yoon Je-Kyun The second highest grossing film in Korean cinema history is a multi-decade, country-hopping tale of loyalty, patriotism and heartbreak on an epic scale which will make some Hollywood heavy hitters envious of his grand vision. The central character is Yoon Deok-Soo (Hwang Jung-Min) an elderly … Continue reading Ode To My Father (Gukjesijang)

Friend, The Great Legacy (Chingu 2)

Friend, The Great Legacy (Chingu 2) Korea (2013) Dir. Kwak Kyung-Taek Kwak Kyung-Taek’s 2001 gangster flick Friend was a monster hit in its native Korea, telling the tale of a group of friends who find their loyalties tested when two of them end up on opposite sides of a gang feud. It’s obviously been a … Continue reading Friend, The Great Legacy (Chingu 2)