Movie Review – The Swordsman

The Swordsman (Cert 15) Digital/VOD/1 Disc DVD/Blu-ray (Distributor: Cine Asia) Running Time: 100 minutes approx. Release Date – May 17th/ Blu-ray - May 24th It is natural instinct to protect what is important to us be it a person, possession, or an ideal. The latter usually occurs in a professional capacity, mostly among people with … Continue reading Movie Review – The Swordsman

Flu (Gamgi)

Flu (Gamgi) Korea (2013) Dir. Kim Sung-su Sometimes the title just says it all. Even the genre in which the film appears can tell you everything without having to watch it. The skill of the filmmaker therefore is to ensure that the story told is enticing enough for the viewer even if they can surmise … Continue reading Flu (Gamgi)

Innocent Thing (Gashi)

Innocent Thing (Gashi) Korea (2014) Dir. Kim Tae-gyun With the recent spate of Korean films dealing with high school bullying, it is something of a refreshing change to watch one that covers a different subject matter. Unfortunately the subject matter of Innocent Thing isn’t exactly original either, but it is an earnest attempt at putting … Continue reading Innocent Thing (Gashi)