Nymphomaniac Vols. I & II

Nymphomaniac Vols. I & II Denmark (2013) Dir. Lars von Trier After upsetting everyone with Anti-Christ and baffling us with Melancholia, to complete his Depression Trilogy, Danish provocateur and enfant terrible Lars von Trier announced he would make a porn film. Despite what you may have heard, Nymphomaniac is more than a porn film. Yes, … Continue reading Nymphomaniac Vols. I & II


Snowpiercer Korea (2013) Dir. Bong Joon-ho In 2014 an experiment to counter global warming goes horribly awry, creating an ice age which wipes out the majority of the human race. The survivors were placed on environmentally durable train called the Snowpiercer designed and built by a rich scientist and train lover named Wilford (Ed Harris), … Continue reading Snowpiercer