Movie Review – Chinese Zodiac (Sap ji sang ciu)

Chinese Zodiac (Sap ji sang ciu) Hong Kong/China (2012) Dir. Jackie Chan Disclaimer: the version of this film under review is from Amazon Prime and is the US cut, meaning not only is there a horrible English dub but also, per Jackie Chan himself, 20 minutes was cut to make it faster paced for American … Continue reading Movie Review – Chinese Zodiac (Sap ji sang ciu)

Movie Review – Vanguard

Vanguard China (2020) Dir. Stanley Tong Q: What do rock legends The Who, wrestlers Terry Funk and Atsushi Onita, and Jackie Chan have in common? A: They have all reneged on promises to retire from their chose occupations. Although to be fair to Chan, he never said he would retire from acting, just kung fu … Continue reading Movie Review – Vanguard

The Iron Mask (Tayna pechati drakona)

The Iron Mask (Tayna pechati drakona) Russia/China (2019) Dir. Oleg Stepchenko Marketing in cinema is everything. Get that wrong and you can kiss goodbye to all the hard work of the filmmaker turning a profit, no matter how good the film might or might not be. This Chinese-Russian co-production exemplifies the problem of the metaphoric … Continue reading The Iron Mask (Tayna pechati drakona)

Thunderbolt (Pik lik foh)

Thunderbolt (Pik lik foh) Hong Kong (1995) Dir. Gordon Chan Kung Fu and motor racing, not a combination that would immediately spring to mind but in the crazy world of cinema anything goes. And if anybody is bold enough to give it a go, it would be martial arts legend and car fan Jackie Chan. … Continue reading Thunderbolt (Pik lik foh)

Crime Story (Jung on zo)

Crime Story (Jung on zo) Hong Kong (1993) Dir. Kirk Wong If you think about it, the last person who should ever orchestrate a kidnapping plot is an active police officer. Sure, they can find ways to sabotage the investigation and put their colleagues off the scent but eventually, their malfeasance is going to catch … Continue reading Crime Story (Jung on zo)

Dragon Lord (Lung siu yeh)

Dragon Lord (Lung siu yeh) Hong Kong (1982) Dir. Jackie Chan At the time of writing this review (April 7th) it is Jackie Chan’s birthday so I figured I’d watch one of his films to mark the occasion. With only a few options open to me among my DVD collection of his films I haven’t … Continue reading Dragon Lord (Lung siu yeh)


Reset China (2017) Dir. Chang Time travel was very popular in films next year. Many directors from across the globe have had a crack at it, now it is China’s turn, although helming this project is actually Korean director Hong-Seung Yoon, under the pseudonym Chang, presumably to distance himself from any films he is embarrassed … Continue reading Reset

Kung Fu Yoga

Kung Fu Yoga (Cert 12) 1 Disc DVD (Distributor: Well Go USA) Running Time: 108 minutes approx. Jackie Chan should go into politics. The amount of times he stated that his martial arts/action movie days are over then he produces another film in which he is busting out his kung fu moves all over again! … Continue reading Kung Fu Yoga

Railroad Tigers

Railroad Tigers (Cert 15) 1 Disc DVD/Blu-ray (Distributor: Kaleidoscope Entertainment) Running Time: 124 minutes approx. Showing no signs or intention of succumbing to old age or retirement, the legendary Jackie Chan reunites with director Ding Sheng for a third time (following Little Big Soldier and Police Story Lockdown) for this high spirited if patchy patriotic … Continue reading Railroad Tigers

Police Story: Lockdown

Police Story: Lockdown (Cert 15) 1 Disc (Distributor: Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment) Running Time: 110 minutes approx. Jackie Chan is a legend, there is no argument, and after his tireless, physically torturous forty plus year contribution to cinema, he deserves the opportunity to slow down on the action front. Lockdown, the latest entry into Chan’s most … Continue reading Police Story: Lockdown