Movie Review – Figli

Figli  Italy (2020) Dir. Giuseppe Bonito Having children is a primary reason people get married. The idea of creating a human life and nurturing is journey in the world is something that brings couples together and strengthens their marriage. Some couples go a bit mad and have loads of kids, but this doesn’t suit everyone. … Continue reading Movie Review – Figli

Movie Review – Good Girls (Brave ragazze)

Good Girls (Brave ragazze) Italy (2019) Dir. Michela Andreozzi “I am woman, hear me roar” No matter how much men hate to admit it, women are made of much tougher stuff than they are given credit for. And, like us chaps, when they are backed into a corner they will come out fighting with all … Continue reading Movie Review – Good Girls (Brave ragazze)

The Traitor (Il traditore)

The Traitor (Il traditore) Italy (2019) Dir. Marco Bellocchio If you were part of a huge criminal organisation like the Mafia then the last thing you would do is become a police informer and spill the beans about the inner workings of this dangerous group. To ensure his place in Italian history - or infamy … Continue reading The Traitor (Il traditore)

The Immortal (L’immortale)

The Immortal (L'immortale) Italy (2019) Dir. Marco D'Amore There is a great sketch on the infamous Derek & Clive: Ad Nauseam album about people not putting labels on everyday things leading to mass confusion. I was lured into watching this film by it being a spin-off from Gomorrah, a noted Italian crime film from 2008, loosely … Continue reading The Immortal (L’immortale)

The Cormorants (I cormorani)

The Cormorants (I cormorani) Italy (2016) Dir. Fabio Bobbio Childhood summers, spent with friends hanging out, living life without a care. It sounds idyllic and for many might be the stuff of fiction like an Enid Blyton story rather than real life, but real life doesn’t always make for fun and engrossing cinema either. Two … Continue reading The Cormorants (I cormorani)

Adua And Her Friends (Adua e le compagne)

Adua And Her Friends (Adua e le compagne) Italy (1960) Dir. Antonio Pietrangeli Can you really leave your past behind regardless of how hard you work to start anew? Should you be upfront about it or is this a rare case where honesty isn’t the best policy? And who gets to decide if your prior … Continue reading Adua And Her Friends (Adua e le compagne)

Mom + Mom (Mamma + Mamma)

Mom + Mom (Mamma + Mamma) Italy (2018) Dir. Karole Di Tommaso In a world where LGBT rights is a thorny issue it is quite surprising to learn that Italy is one of the countries resisting positive legislation for this community. Perhaps it shouldn’t given it is home of Catholicism but Italy’s reputation as a … Continue reading Mom + Mom (Mamma + Mamma)

Happy As Lazzaro (Lazzaro felice)

Happy As Lazzaro (Lazzaro felice) Italy (2018) Dir. Alice Rohrwacher “Human beings are like animals. Set them free and they realize they are slaves locked in their own misery.” This is probably true but that is no reason to exploit people for personal, selfish gain, though such a practice will continue as long as there … Continue reading Happy As Lazzaro (Lazzaro felice)

Second Spring (Seconda primavera)

Second Spring (Seconda primavera) Italy (2016) Dir. Francesco Calogero For many people, having children is a priority in a marriage, largely through the tradition of keeping a family lineage going into the foreseeable future, but it has also known to cause some problems. Whether a successful career might be compromised or the baby was unplanned, … Continue reading Second Spring (Seconda primavera)


Xolo Italy (2017) Dir. Giuseppe Valentino What price freedom? Attributed to Irish orator John Philpot Curran from a 1790 speech, there is a lot to be explored in this particular axiom, something first time Italian writer-director Giuseppe Valentino has chosen as a theme for this swift but tidy indie debut. In the South of Italy, … Continue reading Xolo