Movie Review – Stray Dogs (Sag-haye velgard)

Stray Dogs (Sag-haye velgard) Iran (2004) Dir. Marzieh Makhmalbaf Among the many horror stories in the news at the moment is the return to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan after many years. Their stringent interpretation of Sharia Law has meant misery to many mostly women and children. This daring film takes a look at … Continue reading Movie Review – Stray Dogs (Sag-haye velgard)

Movie Review – Ten

Ten (Dah) Iran (2002) Dir. Abbas Kiarostami Forgive me as I am not entirely sure how to describe this film let alone review it. It isn’t through being weird or impenetrable as it is neither of those things but it is different. Oddly enough, I have already reviewed a similar film no doubt inspired by … Continue reading Movie Review – Ten

Taste Of Cherry (Ta’m e guilass)

Taste Of Cherry (Ta'm e guilass) Iran (1997) Dir. Abbas Kiarostami We all have our reasons for doing something drastic, even if others disagree with them, or more to the point fail to understand. They can’t possibly know what is going on in our heads to see it makes sense to us, but on the … Continue reading Taste Of Cherry (Ta’m e guilass)

Close-Up (Nema-ye Nazdik)

Close-Up (Nema-ye Nazdik) Iran (1990) Dir. Abbas Kiarostami Q: When is a documentary film not a documentary film? A: When it’s an Abbas Kiarostami film about a true story that can only be filmed in the most meta way possible. Close-Up really is a remarkable film because it is a truly subversive work without deliberately … Continue reading Close-Up (Nema-ye Nazdik)

Yellow (Zard)

Yellow (Zard) Iran (2017) Dir. Mostafa Taghizadeh Can you put a price on a human life? Or on a strong friendship? In this current climate of increasing selfishness in society, some people find it easy to do the arithmetic for what should be unconditional and priceless to us all. Five friends - married couple Hamed … Continue reading Yellow (Zard)

Where Is The Friend’s House? (Khane-ye doust kodjast?)

Where Is The Friend's House? (Khane-ye doust kodjast?) Iran (1987) Dir. Abbas Kiarostami As children, we are constantly told by adults to be good, act with honesty, and always do what is right, perfectly admirable traits to instil in a person. Unfortunately, as children, we find ourselves being pulled in different directions by adults forcing … Continue reading Where Is The Friend’s House? (Khane-ye doust kodjast?)

3 Faces (Se rokh)

3 Faces (Se rokh) Iran (2018) Dir. Jafar Panahi People talk about the wonders of the world, like the Great Pyramid of Giza or Temple of Artemis but surely, there should be consideration for the fact that despite receiving a 20-year ban from filmmaking and being put under house arrest by the Iranian government, Jafar … Continue reading 3 Faces (Se rokh)

Tehran Taboo

Tehran Taboo Germany/Austria (2017) Dir. Ali Soozandeh  Regular visitors to this site will be aware of the films reviewed from Iran and the Middle East dealing with the moral patriarchal corruption and archaic attitudes towards women. Some have even been animations, proving to be as hard hitting as any live action film, which Tehran Taboo … Continue reading Tehran Taboo

Damascus Time (Be Vaghte Sham)

Damascus Time (Be Vaghte Sham) Iran (2018) Dir. Ebrahim Hatamikia  This is something I never thought I’d see - an action film from Iran. Most films I’ve seen and reviewed from this nation have been critical social and political dramas towards the country’s oppressive ruling regime. Damascus Time may eschew these themes but it still … Continue reading Damascus Time (Be Vaghte Sham)

Lottery (Latari)

Lottery (Latari) Iran (2018) Dir. Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian  Being a young person in love isn’t always easy, the most common obstacle being the disapproval of our parents. Think yourself lucky that this is all you have to overcome because it could be a lot worse. Amir Ali (Saed Soheili) and Nushin (Ziba Karamali) are a … Continue reading Lottery (Latari)