Hour Of The Wolf (Vargtimmen)

Hour Of The Wolf (Vargtimmen) Sweden (1968) Dir. Ingmar Bergman By the end of the 60’s the Swedish master of existentialist melancholy Ingmar Bergman, in keeping with the psychedelic culture of the period, had begun to get darker and experimental with his films, exploring the insecurities that plague artists via intricate surreal tales. Coming after … Continue reading Hour Of The Wolf (Vargtimmen)

In The Courtyard (Dans la cour)

In The Courtyard (Dans la cour) France (2014) Dir. Pierre Salvadori Known for his glossy and amiable comedies such as Après Vous, Priceless and Beautiful Lies, French Corsican director Pierre Salvadori returns with a film which is rich with the inherent Gallic charm of his previous works but with an air of melancholy rarely seen … Continue reading In The Courtyard (Dans la cour)