Movie Review – Black Bud

Black Bud India (2021) Dir. Amol Kale No wonder lust is one of the seven deadly sins, it causes more trouble than good. If being consumed with desire pays off with the odd moment of bliss where nobody gets hurt, that is fine. Unfortunately, more often than not people do end up getting hurt - … Continue reading Movie Review – Black Bud

Movie Review – Ek Mini Katha

Ek Mini Katha India (2021) Dir. Karthik Rapolu Size doesn’t matter so we are told. Obviously, there are instances when it is crucial - you couldn’t sail 500 people across the Atlantic in a rubber dinghy, or house an elephant in a dog kennel. But there is one area where this is a cause for … Continue reading Movie Review – Ek Mini Katha

Movie Review – Thappad

Thappad India (2020) Dir. Anubhav Sinha Patriarchal India has some very unsavoury attitudes towards women that would cause western societies likes ours to implode with rage at the very idea it is considered socially acceptable for a man to hit his wife. Since women have no agency, clearly something needs to change. Vikram (Pavail Gulati) … Continue reading Movie Review – Thappad

Movie Review – Baaram

Baaram India (2018) Dir. Priya Krishnaswamy I’m assuming that you dear reader would care for an elderly family member as much as you could in their time of need, whether it was loneliness, illness or some other health setback. Care homes are usually a last resort but at the same time, nobody wants to prolong … Continue reading Movie Review – Baaram

Movie Review – The Great Indian Kitchen

The Great Indian Kitchen India (2021) Dir. Jeo Baby Back when I was a teen I had a Def Leppard T-shirt based on the track Women from the Hysteria album, where the word “women” was an acronym for “Worship Our Master’s Every Need”. Even then I knew it was cheeky but now I realise how … Continue reading Movie Review – The Great Indian Kitchen

Ponmagal Vandhal (பொன்மகள் வந்தாள்)

Ponmagal Vandhal (பொன்மகள் வந்தாள்) India (2020) Dir. J. J. Fredrick The issue of rape and sexual abuse in India is a thorny one, with attacks on young girls also a growing problem. Now they are doing something about it, but corruption within the country’s patriarchal society remains a block in erasing this heinous crime. In … Continue reading Ponmagal Vandhal (பொன்மகள் வந்தாள்)

Deadline: Sirf 24 Ghante

Deadline: Sirf 24 Ghante India (2006) Dir. Tanveer Khan Those of us with a more discerning movie palette that watch films from around the world tend to baulk at the idea of Hollywood remaking successful foreign language works. This isn’t necessarily snobbery, rather being acutely aware of how much will be distilled or lost in … Continue reading Deadline: Sirf 24 Ghante

Gully Boy

Gully Boy India (2019) Dir. Zoya Akhtar It shouldn’t matter where you come from, if you have a dream there is no reason why you shouldn’t try to make it happen. Sadly, instead of encouragement, parents in some cultures feel settling for the status quo should be their children’s fate just because it was theirs. … Continue reading Gully Boy


Eureka India (2020) Dir. Kartik Anand It’s one thing to have a reputation that brings infamy to your name but what happens when you change? How do you go about earning people’s trust again when you are only associated with trouble? College life is a chore for Yuva (Karteek Anand), the number one delinquent on … Continue reading Eureka

Gulabo Sitabo

Gulabo Sitabo (Cert 15) VOD (Distributor: Amazon Prime Video) Running Time: 125 minutes approx. The divide between the “haves” and the “have nots” is usually a vast one, encouraging snobbery and petty discrimination, so it is extremely rare, let alone paradoxical, when the two sides are almost one in the same. But that doesn’t stop … Continue reading Gulabo Sitabo