Amateurs (Amatörer)

Amateurs (Amatörer) Sweden (2018) Dir. Gabriela Pichler What does it mean to be part of a community? Does it matter if you are native to the country it is in or if you are a long time resident immigrant who has contributed just as much to the prosperity of the community as the others? In … Continue reading Amateurs (Amatörer)

My Blind Date With Life (Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben)

My Blind Date With Life (Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben) Germany (2017) Dir. Marc Rothemund The title of this German offering sounds whimsical and poetic enough to suggest maybe an arthouse film built on symbolism or something with a wry black comedy twist. My Blind Date With Life is in fact a semi-biographical film … Continue reading My Blind Date With Life (Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben)

Happy End

Happy End France/Austria (2017) Dir. Michael Haneke In what must be a cruel joke if not a straightforward case of human error, this latest offering from serial provocateur Michael Haneke has been categorised as a “comedy” by the rental service who sent it to me. From the onset there is no indication that this is … Continue reading Happy End

Missing aka Missing Woman (Missing: Sarajin Yeoja)

Missing aka Missing Woman (Missing: Sarajin Yeoja) Korea (2016) Dir. Lee Eon-hee Trust. It’s a very important commodity in life that can make or break a relationship. If it is broken or abused, the consequences can be devastating. Lee Eon-hee’s fraught drama begins like a horrific kidnap case but in fact reveals itself to be … Continue reading Missing aka Missing Woman (Missing: Sarajin Yeoja)

Darkland (Underverden)

Darkland (Underverden) Denmark (2017) Dir. Fenar Ahmad Is it possible to retain one’s cultural and racial identity having assimilated to another country’s culture and made a success of their lives? This is the unexpected subtext of what on the surface is a straight up revenge thriller from Denmark, one of the founding fathers of the … Continue reading Darkland (Underverden)


  Play Sweden (2011) Dir. Ruben Östlund One of the skills of a good story teller, or in this case filmmaker, is the ability to play with the audience’s sense of perception. This may be challenged by a plot twist or a surprise ending but the most efficient method is through the subtle disarming of … Continue reading Play