A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur)

A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur) Iceland (2019) Dir. Hlynur Palmason One of the worst things for a grieving person is to discover their partner had a secret life in the wake of their passing. There are many different ways of processing this news and moving forward, anger more than likely to be a … Continue reading A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur)


XL Iceland (2013) Dir. Marteinn Thorsson We all know power corrupts but what exactly does it corrupt? Ego? Morality? Sense of judgement? Fears and weaknesses? I suppose the truest answer is “all of the above” but that is really only from the observer’s perspective; for the person succumbing to the power trip none of hits … Continue reading XL

Woman At War (Kona fer í stríð)

Woman At War (Kona fer í stríð) Iceland (2018) Dir. Benedikt Erlingsson Greta Thunberg is arguably the most famous teenager on the planet at the moment due to her climate change protests. Whether you agree with her or not, Greta lives by the courage of her convictions which is admirable in someone so young, or … Continue reading Woman At War (Kona fer í stríð)


Arctic Iceland (2018) Dir. Joe Penna The natural human instinct to survive is a remarkable one. For some, it kicks in straight away, avoiding panic and fear during times of crisis, others tend to crumble, succumbing to severity of the situation in record time. In Arctic, the focus is on the former. Overgård (Mads Mikkelsen) … Continue reading Arctic

Heartstone (Hjartasteinn)

Heartstone (Hjartasteinn) Iceland (2016) Dir. Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson It might seem that geography would have no bearing on the trials of childhood and the universally experienced journey through puberty but this isn’t true. For some it might be a case of cultural traditions that make all the difference, for others it really is a result … Continue reading Heartstone (Hjartasteinn)

Under The Tree (Undir trénu)

Under The Tree (Undir trénu) Iceland (2017) Dir. Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson It’s amazing how things can escalate from a harmless neighbourly request to full on war of attrition but people are funny like that. Naturally, we don’t like to think our neighbours could be that unreasonable or petty, but you never can tell as this … Continue reading Under The Tree (Undir trénu)

The Oath (Eiðurinn)

The Oath (Eiðurinn) Iceland (2016) Dir. Baltasar Kormákur Parents will go to any lengths to protect their children, even if it means putting a strain on their relationship upsetting their offspring regardless of how truculent they may be about it. But is there such a thing as going too far? Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur returns … Continue reading The Oath (Eiðurinn)

I Remember You (Ég man þig)

I Remember You (Ég man þig) Iceland (2017) Dir. Óskar Thór Axelsson Nordic/Scandi Noir has found its niche in providing us with tense, labyrinthine and boldly brutal crime thrillers but rarely have they involved the supernatural - until now that is. Based on the novel by the “Queen of Icelandic Crime”, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, I Remember … Continue reading I Remember You (Ég man þig)

Rams (Hrútar)

Rams (Hrútar) Iceland (2015) Dir. Grímur Hákonarson It’s funny when two male friends without any shared DNA proclaim themselves to be “as close as brothers”, when sometimes even that blood bond can be strained or broken. But when you think about what could bring two estranged siblings together again, sheep are likely to be a … Continue reading Rams (Hrútar)

The Deep (Djúpið)

The Deep (Djúpið) Iceland (2012) Dir. Baltasar Kormákur When the chips are down and the odds insurmountable the favoured phrase employed to elaborate the gravity of the situation is “Survival of the fittest”; however in 1984, a chain smoking, hard drinking, overweight Icelandic fisherman named Guðlaugur Friðþórsson defied the odds by surviving life threatening conditions … Continue reading The Deep (Djúpið)