In A Lonely Place

In A Lonely Place US (1950) Dir. Nicholas Ray In 1950 Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard and Joseph Mankiewicz's All About Eve were released, both casting a satirical eye over the fickle nature of Hollywood celebrity. A third film sharing a similar theme was also released that year but unfortunately stayed in the shadows of the … Continue reading In A Lonely Place


Sabrina US (1954) Dir. Billy Wilder Billy Wilder was a master of all genres of film - from comedy to drama to film noir to satire, Wilder has made at least one classic in each of these areas, often setting the standard for others to follow. In the process Wilder has directed some of the … Continue reading Sabrina


Casablanca US (1942) Dir. Michael Curtiz December 1941, and in the western Morocco city of Casablanca stands the high class nightclub and gambling den "Rick's Café Américain" owned by American expatriate Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart). The bar is frequented by refugees hoping to flee the war to the US. A petty crook named Signor Ugarte … Continue reading Casablanca