Orphan US (2009) Dir. Jaume Collet-Serra Sugar, spice, and all things nice. That’s what little girls are made of according to the popular adage - that and hatred, spite, a violent streak, murderous intent and ruthless manipulation skills. Funny how you don’t see those attributes mentioned when couples are keen to adopt a child…. The … Continue reading Orphan

Tonight, At The Movies (Kon’ya, romansu gekijô de)

Tonight, At The Movies (Kon'ya, romansu gekijô de) Japan (2018) Dir. Hideki Takeuchi We’ve all done it - seen a character in a film and forgetting they are not real, succumbed to hopeless romantic fantasies between them and ourselves, refusing to accept the impossibility of this escapist delusion actually becoming reality. But what if it … Continue reading Tonight, At The Movies (Kon’ya, romansu gekijô de)

The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter US (1978) Dir. Michael Cimino The classic film being struck off the “Overdue First Time” watch list is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. One of two epic films about Vietnam released at the end of the 1970’s - Coppola’s bombastic Apocalypse Now being the other - The Deer Hunter won Best … Continue reading The Deer Hunter

Courted (L’hermine)

Courted (L'hermine) France (2015) Dir. Christian Vincent The English translation of this French courtroom drama suffused with rom-com elements is a pun, while the French title refers to the ermine lined robes judges wear. What does this have to do with anything? This is a problem with Courted - it unites two disparate genres that … Continue reading Courted (L’hermine)

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer US (2017) Dir. Yorgos Lanthimos When you’re a filmmaker with a reputation for being obtusely idiosyncratic in your works and you achieve that breakthrough hit affording you wider recognition, do you temper your esoteric leanings to capitalise on this or go even weirder? If you’re Greek auteur Yorgos Lanthimos, … Continue reading The Killing Of A Sacred Deer


Thelma Norway (2017) Dir. Joachim Trier Coming-of-age films are a plenty in modern cinema but that hasn’t stopped filmmakers from trying to come up with new ideas and fresh approaches to the stories told within this well occupied milieu. There also seems to be a rising correlation between sexual awakening and supernatural abilities to add … Continue reading Thelma

Rita’s Last Fairy Tale (Poslednyaya skazka Rity)

Rita’s Last Fairy Tale (Poslednyaya skazka Rity) Russia (2012) Dir. Renata Litvinova If asked to describe the physical manifestation of Death aka The Grim Reaper, the scythe wielding, cloaked skeletal figure would likely be the default suggestion from most people; cinephiles might instead reference the similarly hooded character with the pallid complexion and a taste … Continue reading Rita’s Last Fairy Tale (Poslednyaya skazka Rity)

Heal The Living (Réparer les vivants)

Heal The Living (Réparer les vivants) France/Belgium (2016) Dir. Katell Quillévéré Some film directors find a niche and stick with it, for better or worse, while others like to expand their creativity from film to film, covering a number of themes, styles and genres. France’s Katell Quillévéré fits in the latter category as her three … Continue reading Heal The Living (Réparer les vivants)


Three (Cert 15) Digital Download (Distributor: Kaleidoscope Entertainment) Running Time: 88 minutes approx. Johnny To has been one of the leading lights in Hong Kong cinema since the turn of the millennium, with a slew of gritty, violent, densely plotted and stylishly shot crime thrillers. Recently To has stepped out of his comfort zone trying … Continue reading Three

Exit (Hui guang zoumingqu)

Exit (Hui guang zoumingqu) Taiwan (2014) Dir. Chienn Hsiang In the wake of the film industry in Mainland China opening its doors to wider avenues, there has been concern of a decline in the output of Taiwanese cinema, but with the current success of Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s The Assassin and Exit, the directorial debut from renowned … Continue reading Exit (Hui guang zoumingqu)