Movie Review – Possessor

Possessor UK/Canada (2020) Dir. Brandon Cronenberg Body swap films are usually comedies playing up to the dichotomy of opposing genders, differing age groups, or clashing personalities. Put in the hands of a horror filmmaker and you know this concept is going be applied to something darker and psychologically challenging. Club hostess Holly (Gabrielle Graham) welcomes … Continue reading Movie Review – Possessor


Halloween US (1978) Dir. John Carpenter Yes, I know I am a day late (November 1st) with this film, as it wasn’t shown on TV until last night, although as this is also a first time watch, I’m much later than one day - 42 years in fact! On Halloween night in 1963, six year-old … Continue reading Halloween

0.0 Mhz

0.0 Mhz Korea (2019) Dir. Yoo Sun-Dong Did you know that 0.0mhz is the exact radio frequency at which we can contact with the spirit world? A bit like Radio 3. Yet, if we have learned anything from horror cinema, it is never to go in search for the paranormal - unless you have a … Continue reading 0.0 Mhz

Something a bit different… 3 – Halloween Special

Yes, the Photoshop manipulation bug has bitten deeper than I imagined. There are some other works  I can't share with you just yet but as we are in the throes of Halloween season then this one can finally be posting. Hopefully you'll recognise the main figures as the classic Universal monsters - Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, … Continue reading Something a bit different… 3 – Halloween Special

The Maid

The Maid Thailand (2020) Dir. Lee Thongkham The relationship between servant and master is an unpredictable one. In some cases, there is a separation that remains throughout where everyone knows their place, in others, tenure and quality of work will have some staff feel like part of the family. Then, there is that line that … Continue reading The Maid

Get The Hell Out

Get The Hell Out Taiwan (2020) Dir. I-Fan Wang Politics is a messy business to get involved in. It is where people shed their humanity, and their instincts for self-preservation reduce them to committing acts of shameless venality and display levels of immorality unthinkable to most. In short - it turns people into monsters. A … Continue reading Get The Hell Out

The Shining

The Shining US (1980) Dir. Stanley Kubrick “Heeeeeere’s Johnny!” And here is another late to the party review of a classic film. Like the recent first time review of Carrie - also based on a Stephen King novel - The Shining is another movie perennial with a host of memorable scenes I have seen many … Continue reading The Shining

The Cat (Go-hyang-i: Jook-eum-eul bo-neun doo gae-eui noon)

The Cat (Go-hyang-i: Jook-eum-eul bo-neun doo gae-eui noon) Korea (2011) Dir. Byun Seung-Wook If you follow me on social media or note the occasional comments on this site, you’ll know I am a dog owner of a pug named Penny. So, you’ll forgive me if I concur with the theme of this Korean horror which … Continue reading The Cat (Go-hyang-i: Jook-eum-eul bo-neun doo gae-eui noon)

Always Be With You (Seung joi nei jor yau)

Always Be With You (Seung joi nei jor yau) Hong Kong (2017) Dir. Herman Yau Death, contrary to popular belief, isn’t always the final word - if it was, there wouldn’t be any horror films or tales of the supernatural to spook us out with. So, keep on haunting you spirits, like the one in … Continue reading Always Be With You (Seung joi nei jor yau)

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories UK (2017) Dirs. Jeremy Dyson & Andy Nyman “We have to be so very careful what we believe in” A maxim we should all heed but likely, we never will. And as the film’s title suggests, this isn’t about religion though it does play a small part in the cynicism of the main … Continue reading Ghost Stories