Movie Review – Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary's Baby US (1968) Dir. Roman Polanski “Just be a mother to your baby!” And you thought labour was the most torturous part of having a baby, that is nothing compared to what poor Rosemary goes through in this psychological horror that has somehow eluded me despite its 50-plus year reputation as a piece of … Continue reading Movie Review – Rosemary’s Baby

Movie Review – X Game

X Game (X gêmu) Japan (2010) Dir. Yohei Fukuda There are aspects of Japanese culture that will remain elusive to the understanding of many of us here in the west, one being their propensity for humiliation and punishment games. For a country that seemed to have learned their lesson after Hiroshima, this is a side … Continue reading Movie Review – X Game

Movie Review – X

X US (2022) Dir. Ti West People who are driven by their libidos have a hard time of it since they desire constant gratification which makes many of them unpleasant to be around through their lustful urges. It’s no usually something worth dying for but life can take some very unexpected turns… 1979 and film … Continue reading Movie Review – X

Movie Review – Malignant

Malignant US (2021) Dir. James Wan I was so unpopular as a child even my imaginary friends didn’t want to play with me! Perhaps it was for the best, since they have a nasty habit of getting kids in trouble, and their parents don’t believe it was the fault of a mischievous invisible companion. Usually, … Continue reading Movie Review – Malignant

Movie Review – In The Earth

In The Earth UK (2021) Dir. Ben Wheatley Not only should humanity leave nature alone but it should also beware of urban myths and ancient folklore as there may be some truth to them. And if the two should happen to coincide with one another then more fool anyone who still doesn’t heed the warning … Continue reading Movie Review – In The Earth

Movie Review – The Exorcist

The Exorcist US (1973) Dir. William Friedkin Another horror classic for which I am late to the party, but in my defence, it was banned here in the UK for a huge chunk of my youth and never shown on TV until after 1999, by which time I had moved on. A sign of the … Continue reading Movie Review – The Exorcist

Movie Review – Show Me The Ghost

Show Me The Ghost (syo-mi-deo-go-seu-teu) Korea (2021) Dir. Kim Eun-kyoung There are a lot of things that could jeopardise a long term relationship between friends - lies, betrayal, arguments over money, dating each other’s partners (if the scenario fits) and ghosts. Okay, that last one may not be a typical catalyst for a strained friendship … Continue reading Movie Review – Show Me The Ghost

Movie Review – Shackled

Shackled (Belenggu) Indonesia (2012) Dir. Upi Avianto Over the past decade, Indonesian cinema has been represented on the international stage mostly by its brutal martial arts action films such as The Raid, yet we know this can’t be the sum of their film output. This gnarly psychological horror is an example of what else Indonesia … Continue reading Movie Review – Shackled

Movie Review – Halloween (2018)

Halloween (2018) US (2018) Dir. David Gordon Green To celebrate the 40th anniversary of a modern horror classic, John Carpenter’s Halloween was resurrected, in the process pretending that the numerous sequels and remakes that were released over the last four decades didn’t happen. That would posit this film as a direct sequel to the original, … Continue reading Movie Review – Halloween (2018)

Movie Review – Stare

Stare (Shiraisan) Japan (2019) Dir. Otsuichi Considering the amount of horror films, folklore tales, and urban legends in Japan are based on vengeful women, you’d think the Japanese would learn to treat women better so they wouldn’t need to haunt people after they pass on. Just a thought… Kana (Manami Enosawa) is having a meal … Continue reading Movie Review – Stare