Movie Review – My Young Auntie

My Young Auntie (Zhang bei) Hong Kong (1981) Dir. Lau Kar-Leung Respecting a position of authority is hard when that person is younger than you are. In some countries, this sense of hierarchy is attached to members of the family as well as society in general - i.e. respecting your elders, and some people find … Continue reading Movie Review – My Young Auntie

Movie Review – Caught In Time

Caught In Time (Chu bao) Hong Kong/China (2020) Dir. Lau Ho-Leung “Persistence without respite” We’re always told that patience is a virtue which must be a vital requirement for anyone joining the police force - after all, who else could handle long fruitless stakeouts or undertake painstaking mission to catch a master criminal. But ten … Continue reading Movie Review – Caught In Time

Movie Review – Legendary Weapons Of China

Legendary Weapons Of China (Shi ba ban wu yi) Hong Kong (1982) Dir. Lau Kar-Leung Moving with the times is very important otherwise we run the risk of being left behind and unable to integrate with a modernised society. This doesn’t mean one can’t still be respectful of the past or keep hold of some … Continue reading Movie Review – Legendary Weapons Of China

Movie Review – Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon

Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon (Sau foo fei lung) Hong Kong (1990) Dir. Lau Kar-wing Far be it for me to impugn the police force here in the UK but they are currently in a bit of a sad state following the last Commissioner resigning because of her poor and corrupt leadership. However, they are nowhere … Continue reading Movie Review – Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon

Movie Review – End Game

End Game (Ren chao xiong yong) China/Hong Kong (2021) Dir. Rao Xiaozhi “I need to be myself/ I can’t be no-one else” Those were the first words we heard Liam Gallagher sing when Supersonic heralded the arrival of Oasis in 1994 and almost 20 years later they are apropos to this Chinese/Hong Kong remake of … Continue reading Movie Review – End Game

Movie Review – Once Upon A Time in China IV

Once Upon A Time in China IV (Wong Fei Hung IV: Wong je ji fung) Hong Kong/China (1993) Dir. Yuen Bun It’s one thing to change the actor for a lead role to do it the middle of a film series is a hell of a risk, especially when the previous star was a marquee … Continue reading Movie Review – Once Upon A Time in China IV

Movie Review – Mad World

Mad World (Yat nim mou ming) Hong Kong (2016) Dir. Wong Chun “I’m begging you, please be normal.” Not the most sympathetic and supportive words one hopes to hear from their parent when at their lowest ebb but this is the struggle many with mental health issues face on a daily basis. How can others … Continue reading Movie Review – Mad World

Movie Review – Raging Fire

Raging Fire (Nou fo) Hong Kong (2021) Dir. Benny Chan Police work is not easy, having to give up so much of your life to the job but also making decisions which are going to be unpopular. However, some choose to abuse this power, which invariably comes to back to bite them. Righteous police inspector … Continue reading Movie Review – Raging Fire

Movie Review – Warriors Two

Warriors Two (Zan xian sheng yu zhao qian Hua) Hong Kong (1978) Dir. Sammo Hung The 1970s were a transitional era for martial arts cinema, with Bruce Lee giving it a kick up the backside at the start, and by the end, a new generation were keen to modernise for the 1980s. Sammo Hung was … Continue reading Movie Review – Warriors Two

Movie Review – Good Take!

Good Take! (Pai de bu cuo) Hong Kong (2016) Dir. Various Anthology films are hard for a reviewer to grade - at least I think so. Being comprised of individual shorts, often on a set theme, in this case it is they are all set in Macau, do you rate it lower if not everything … Continue reading Movie Review – Good Take!