Still Human (Lun lok yan)

Still Human (Lun lok yan) Hong Kong (2018) Dir. Oliver Siu Kuen Chan Cultural differences are one of the more fascinating things in life. Through cinema, TV, and the arts, we get to learn about the rest of the world, the people, and their unique ways But have you ever learned about yourself through being … Continue reading Still Human (Lun lok yan)


Sara (Chor gei)

Sara (Chor gei) Hong Kong (2015) Dir. Herman Yau Money is the proverbial root of all evil but there is a very strong case to be made for sex to be considered an equally destructive force, though the two usually cause havoc when working in tandem with each other. Sometimes it is easy to forget … Continue reading Sara (Chor gei)

Iceman: The Time Traveller (Bing feng: Yong heng zhi men)

Iceman: The Time Traveller (Bing feng: Yong heng zhi men) Hong Kong (2018) Dir. Raymond Yip You know the deal, a film is successful so a sequel is made and the success continues - at least that is how it is supposed to go. In the case of 2014’s Iceman, the film was a flop … Continue reading Iceman: The Time Traveller (Bing feng: Yong heng zhi men)

Dragon Lord (Lung siu yeh)

Dragon Lord (Lung siu yeh) Hong Kong (1982) Dir. Jackie Chan At the time of writing this review (April 7th) it is Jackie Chan’s birthday so I figured I’d watch one of his films to mark the occasion. With only a few options open to me among my DVD collection of his films I haven’t … Continue reading Dragon Lord (Lung siu yeh)

Divergence (Saam cha hau)

Divergence (Saam cha hau) Hong Kong (2005) Dir. Benny Chan Take one acclaimed Hong Kong police/action director, three capable, popular actors and an award winning writer, put them together in the same crime thriller with a strong support cast in the hope of emulating the success of the seminal Infernal Affairs, and the result is… … Continue reading Divergence (Saam cha hau)

Happiness (Hang wan si ngo)

Happiness (Hang wan si ngo) Hong Kong (2016) Dir. Andy Lo You can never predict where friendships will develop but that is one of the joys of life. It has long been demonstrable that age, gender, and social status have little effect on people getting along - it is the result these bonds produce that … Continue reading Happiness (Hang wan si ngo)

Five Deadly Venoms (Wu du)

Five Deadly Venoms (Wu du) Hong Kong (1978) Dir. Chang Cheh One deadly venom is enough so five would be a real handful. In this instance, however these venoms are not toxic liquids but skilled martial artists of ill repute who don’t want to be found, and the antidote to their lethal attacks is not … Continue reading Five Deadly Venoms (Wu du)