Three Outlaw Samurai (Sanbiki no samurai)

Three Outlaw Samurai (Sanbiki no samurai) Japan (1964) Dir. Hideo Gosha For many, Samurai are seen as mighty warriors, demons with the sword usually found under the employ of a powerful warlord or dignitary. But there are also ronin, wandering samurai with no master to control them, roaming from town to town looking for a … Continue reading Three Outlaw Samurai (Sanbiki no samurai)

Killing (Zan)

Killing (Zan) Japan (2018) Dir. Shinya Tsukamoto If you had to list the credentials required to be a Samurai, what would they be? Being handy with a sword? Having a fearless resolve and sense of courage? Filial loyalty to the Samurai Code or your master, where your life is the ultimate sacrifice? Or is it … Continue reading Killing (Zan)

The Warrior

The Warrior UK (2001) Dir. Asif Kapadia All of us at one point in our lives have wanted to quit our jobs but how many are in the employ of someone who will have you killed if you upped and left? Maybe that person wasn’t the right one to take a job for in some … Continue reading The Warrior

Samurai Marathon (Samurai marason)

Samurai Marathon (Samurai marason) Japan (2019) Dir. Bernard Rose Just like we Brits have the London Marathon and the US have the New York Marathon, Japan has the Tokyo Marathon, but unlike ours, theirs has its own mythos for being an annual event. Yes, the Greeks started it all, but as we know, Japan always … Continue reading Samurai Marathon (Samurai marason)

Gate Of Hell (Jigokumon)

Gate Of Hell (Jigokumon) Japan (1953) Dir. Teinosuke Kinugasa Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife is one of the more well-known commandments of the ten we should live our lives by according to The Bible. What if the wife you covet is not married to your neighbour? Would that be considered a handy loophole … Continue reading Gate Of Hell (Jigokumon)

To Live (Huo zhe)

To Live (Huo zhe) China/Hong Kong (1994) Dir. Zhang Yimou Political regimes will always hurt someone. That is a fact. The poor will always be at the bottom of the heap under a plutocracy, the unskilled and undereducated suppressed by a meritocracy, and Communism tends to screw everyone except for those at the very top. … Continue reading To Live (Huo zhe)

The Last Princess (Deokhyeongju)

The Last Princess (Deokhyeongju) Korea (2016) Dir. Hur Jin-Ho One of the moe painful chapters in Korean history was the Japanese occupation at the turn of the 20th century, Many films have been made about this already, dramatising the effects it had on civilians, military personnel, resistance fighters, and even artists. As he title implies, … Continue reading The Last Princess (Deokhyeongju)

The Insect Woman (Nippon konchûki)

The Insect Woman (Nippon konchûki) Japan (1963) Dir. Shohei Imamura Life is about struggles for most of us and those who are fortunate enough not to face any difficulties will never understand this. How we deal this is what makes us the people we are - whether we curl up and die, roll with the … Continue reading The Insect Woman (Nippon konchûki)

Sunset (Napszállta)

Sunset (Napszállta) Hungary (2018) Dir. László Nemes It is important to know where we come from as people and as such, we are fully entitled to want to embrace our heritage. Modern genealogy research is likely to reveal hidden secrets about one’s family but this is historical and it’s too late to do anything about … Continue reading Sunset (Napszállta)

Dai Shogun Collection

Dai Shogun Collection (Cert 15) 1 Disc Blu-ray (Distributor: MVM) Running time: 296 minutes approx. The Edo period of Japan has proven fertile ground for creative types in telling tales of samurai, warlords, or having fun with the legendary figures of the period. In anime, this has seen the era re-imagined to feature monsters, witchcraft, … Continue reading Dai Shogun Collection