Girl Shy

Girl Shy US (1924) Dirs. Fred C. Newmeyer & Sam Taylor Who would have thought that knowing nothing about women would actually you win the heart of one? Only in movies eh? Well, this was the 1920’s when times were a little chaster and restrained when it comes to depicting romance on screen, and this … Continue reading Girl Shy

Safety Last!

Safety Last! US (1923) Dirs. Fred C. Newmeyer & Sam Taylor Yes, this is the film which features the iconic scene of Harold Lloyd hanging precariously from the hands of a broken clock fade some four storeys above ground level. But it needs reminding that this was just the climax to a comedy of errors … Continue reading Safety Last!


Speedy (Cert 12) 1 Disc (Distributor: Criterion Collection) Running Time: 86 minutes approx. Of the hallowed triumvirate of silent film comedy kings, Harold Lloyd was the one I discovered first, via a TV series called “Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy”. However, unlike his venerated contemporaries, Keaton and Chaplin, Lloyd’s films criminally are not as readily … Continue reading Speedy