The Ciambra (A Ciambra)

The Ciambra (A Ciambra) Italy (2017) Dir. Jonas Carpignano Life is about the choices we make, learning from the bad, and building on the foundation of the good. But sometimes the influence of our surroundings and family situation is so overwhelming that we are likely to be destined to follow a path in life that … Continue reading The Ciambra (A Ciambra)

The School Of Life (L’école buissonnière)

The School Of Life (L'école buissonnière) France (2017) Dir. Nicolas Vanier What exactly is freedom? This might not seem like a primary concern in this charming French drama given the conventional main storyline and clarion call to preserve the wonders of nature, but The School Of Life does tacitly ponder such existentialist queries. As someone … Continue reading The School Of Life (L’école buissonnière)


Papusza Poland (2013) Dirs. Joanna Kos-Krauze & Krzysztof Krauze Bronisława Wajs, known as Papusza, was a Polish-Romani poet, noted for being one of the first Romani poets to be published, bringing Papusza fame for her delicate lyrical style, yet earning her the wrath and disdain of her people for revealing too much to the outsiders … Continue reading Papusza