Coco US (2017) Dirs. Lee Unkrich & Adrian Molina Every year at the Oscars it is inevitable that either a Pixar or Disney film is going to win Best Animated Film regardless of whether it deserves it or not. In lieu of egregiously overlooking anime and other foreign language animated films, the 2018 winner Coco … Continue reading Coco

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Complete Series

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Complete Series (Cert 15) 4 Discs (Distributor: All The Anime) Running time: 633 minutes approx. Anyone with a long memory will recall this title was originally released almost a decade ago in single volumes by Revelation Films, but was never completed when Revelation ended their anime distribution, leaving fans with an … Continue reading Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Complete Series

The ABC Award

I am once again humbled and honoured to receive a nomination for the ABC – Awesome Blog Content award from fellow anime fan and blogger Medieval Otaku. Please visit his site for a different take on anime and its many connotations and influences that may not be so obvious to you. As ever these awards … Continue reading The ABC Award