Blade Of The Immortal

Blade Of The Immortal (Cert 18) 1 Disc Blu-ray/DVD (Distributor: Arrow Video) Running Time: 141 minutes approx. It goes to show how prolific maverick Japanese director Takashi Miike is, that apparently he wasn’t aware Blade Of The Immortal was his 100th film until somebody mentioned it whilst he was making film number 102! And he … Continue reading Blade Of The Immortal


Frantz France/Germany (2016) Dir. François Ozon Some might consider remaking a film by the legendary Ernst Lubitsch as a bold move (although it’s already happened with Mel Brooks in To Be Or Not To Be) but François Ozon has never been afraid to defy convention. Luckily he chose a lesser-known Lubistch film to update, 1932’s … Continue reading Frantz

White Ant (Bai yi)

White Ant (Bai yi) Taiwan (2016) Dir. Chu Hsien-che We all have our little peccadilloes and foibles, the more extreme examples usually called fetishes and perversions. The default reaction to them tends to be “they need help!”, yet persecution is another knee jerk response when understanding is what someone truly needs. Bai Yide (Chris Wu), … Continue reading White Ant (Bai yi)

Goth- Love Of Death

Goth - Love Of Death Japan (2008) Dir. Gen Takahashi If the title of this low budget mystery drama suggests to you miserable doom laden, pale faced teens with dyed jet black hair, thick eye liner, baggy black clothing and dubious taste in music then this isn’t the film for you. There is a death … Continue reading Goth- Love Of Death

The Ravine Of Goodbye (Sayonara keikoku)

The Ravine Of Goodbye (Sayonara keikoku) Japan (2013) Dir. Tatsushi Ohmori It’s a hot summer and a small Tokyo suburb is bustling with excitement as local and national media converge on the bijou housing complex which is home to Satomi Tachibana, a woman accused of murdering her young son. As much as this is a … Continue reading The Ravine Of Goodbye (Sayonara keikoku)